International Paints & Coating Powerhouse reaffirms Huron as key site in U.S. Portfolio
Nestled on Sprowl Rd in Huron Township and visible from Route 2 is AkzoNobel. While you've likely registered its presence driving by before, you may never have considered the actual impact and reach of this advanced manufacturing facility. Headquartered in the Netherlands and boasting over 34,500 employees worldwide, the AkzoNobel Huron plant is a key player in the coatings side of this international corporation. The primary product manufactured at the Huron facility is coatings for packaging for the beer and beverage business.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail food and beverage industry has been slammed, keeping the shelves of grocery stores stocked. The cans for which AkzoNobel provides products need to be coated both inside and out. A thin interior coating helps to protect the quality, flavor, and safety of the contents, while external coatings are used to protect the can and the decorative elements, such as inks. Typically, the packaging cans they coat are used for drinks, fish, meat, soups, vegetables, and fruit. When it comes to beverage cans, you might be interested to learn that if you pick one up, anywhere in the world, there’s a 50% chance it will have AkzoNobel coatings on it somewhere. 
Fast Facts
  • 15-18 million gallons of finished product per year produced at Huron plant
  • Huron site produces resins for 6 out of AkzoNobel's 7 core businesses
  • $6.14 million project will allow for the necessary R&D and scale up work to grow product lines
  • Project will retain 48 employees on site and add new
Even prior to growth in the retail food and beverage segment, the AkzoNobel Huron site was solidifying its presence within the corporate structure. Huron is one of only two full chemical plants in North America for the company (meaning they produce resins, not just mixing). Its volume capabilities are unmatched, being the only company site shipping by rail car and truck load. Paired with strong management, these factors have enabled the site to receive ongoing capital allocations, and in 2020, commitment to build a new resin pilot plant on site.

Having just broken ground on the new plant, the $6.14 million project will construct a new, three-story Resin Pilot Plant, one pilot reactor system, and one scale-up reactor system. This new plant will allow for research and development and will have staff that flex in hopes to continue to diversify the product at the site and expand.

In 2020 a new phrase has been coined - "essential business." AkzoNobel Huron seems to be doubly essential - for their packaging and other customers, and within the sophisticated structure of its international company. We're proud to have this operation right here in Erie County.
Did You Know?
New construction projects have many associated costs and barriers to entry. When making significant investments like AkzoNobel is, any cost savings available are helpful to get back a little wiggle room for unforeseen expenses. AkzoNobel was able to secure a property Tax Abatement with the support of Huron Township, Huron City Schools, and EHOVE to make this project a reality, ECEDC helped them navigate the process. Contact our office for assistance in navigating your latest business challenge.
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