Cedar Point Sports Center
A Facility Like No Other
Rest doesn't come easy to a company who crafts the world's greatest thrills, and this year’s Days of Development series is evidence that no pause is coming soon to Cedar Fair. They opened our email series with a commitment to the BGSU RAAM school and now help us wrap up the series with their completion of a 145,000 sq. ft. indoor sports complex. It was just two years ago that our email series wrote about the launch of Cedar Point Sports Force Parks, now known as Phase One of the Cedar Point Sports Center. Phase 2, an indoor complex, was announced shortly after build out of the impressive outdoor fields, and thanks to an aggressive 15-month construction schedule, the indoor center will be operational in January 2020.   
A community's progress is a series of natural, purposeful and spontaneous changes, and Cedar Point’s developments at the former Griffing Sandusky Airport property perfectly capture this sentiment. Six years ago, Griffing flying service relocated to the Erie-Ottawa International Airport, bringing new life to their business and to a regional transportation asset, but leaving 57 waterfront acres idle in Sandusky. Today, the site is anything but idle. More than $50 million of capital investment has created a dynamic waterfront that calls lively families and teams to our area. The site captures the vision of Cedar Fair and many local officials to amplify economic development for the Sandusky area as America’s Sports & Family Fun Capital, while preserving a valuable natural resource for area residents and visitors to enjoy. 
(Photo: Mosser Construction)
Fast Facts
  • $42 million investment in 145,000 sq. ft. of family fun
  • 10 full-sized basketball courts and 1 championships arena on 6,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 723 geopier elements stabilizing this structure on the beautiful Sandusky waterfront
Phase 2 of the Cedar Point Sports Center ensures the ability to host large tournaments for every major youth sport. Since Cedar Point is in the business of oversized fun, this facility will prove no different with:
  • 78,000 sq. ft. of uninterrupted athletic space, meaning you could view up to 10 basketball games, 20 volleyball games or a whole lot of cheerleading, wrestling, pickleball and other non-traditional events at one time
  • 1 championship court – jumbotron and 700 spectator seats included
  • More space to be entertained – the Family Entertainment Center boasts 11 rock walls, 5 climbing structures, and a ninja warrior course
  • More space to be fed – hot food options, grab and go, or beer and wine all available
  • More space to be connected – rooms for any teams, parties, or engaging company functions who appreciate a roller coaster decor theme
  • Many, many spaces to park - 897 to be exact
This was no small feat of creation, especially during a rainy construction season. Scroll through the photos below to get an idea of how it came together.
(Photo: Mosser Construction)
(Photo: Erin Caldwell/Sandusky Register)
(Photo: Erin Caldwell/Sandusky Register)
(Photo: Mosser Construction)
(Photo: Erin Caldwell/Sandusky Register)
(Photo: Jon Stinchcomb/News Herald)
(Photo: Jon Stinchcomb/News Herald)
While attracting guests from outside the area is the main focus of a tourism business, partners involved in the Cedar Point Sports Center have actively looked for ways to provide community access alongside community impact. Local leagues have signed on to use the fields and courts. A 1/8 mile indoor walking track will be free for the public to use. Our community hospital, Firelands Regional Medical Center, partnered to build the Lee C. Jewett Sports Medicine Center (Mr. Jewett was a longtime Cedar Fair executive, philanthropist and FRMC board member). The privately funded facility will provide state-of-the-art treatment and enhancement programs to both local residents and visiting athletes, including tools reflex training, athletic performance and strength conditioning, SwimEx therapy pools, underwater treadmills and plunge pools. And there’s even more sports and fun in this facility’s future. Cedar Fair has already disclosed Phase 3 of this project - creating a waterfront experience that will transform the land behind the fields and indoor complex into a space for biking, walking trails, scenic spaces to relax, and unparalleled views of Lake Erie and Cedar Point in the distance. 

This Facility Like No Other took a team of many public and private partners, an important part of its success story – Erie County, The City of Sandusky, Lake Erie Shores & Islands, Firelands Regional Medical Center, Lee C. and Sandra Jewett, CBRE, OSports, Mosser Construction, Sports Facilities Advisory just to name a few. It is a one of a kind collaboration to bring us a collection of first-class facilities that will drive year-round tourism in north central Ohio. 
Did You Know?
Tourism and tourism marketing have a significant impact on our economy by driving visitation, but a recent study of tourism campaigns from nine states demonstrates its long-term potential as a broader economic development driver. The study confirmed how a visitor promotion campaign creates a "halo effect", boosting not only visitorship but lifting perception of that location as a place to live, start a career, invest or retire. When combined with a visit these perceptions are made even more powerful. Have you thought about how to leverage tourism marketing and assets for your own business? Contact us to explore ideas.
Stay Tuned for Day 12: ECEDC's Days IN Development
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