Downtown Sandusky

Celebrating one of the "Strongest Towns in America" and its talented contributors

The Eleventh Day of Christmas brought Piping Pipers.  Our development countdown brings you a multitude of new businesses in the City of Sandusky's growing Downtown.  

Sandusky was voted one of the Strongest Towns in America in 2016, due in part to "small, incremental investments" that characterize a strong development approach. Over the course of the last year, we have witnessed even more start-ups and meaningful projects that reinforce this reputation and make Downtown Sandusky one of our favorite neighborhoods.

In 2017 food and beverage, we celebrate and welcome:

1.  The Leaking Boot    The  first brewery in Sandusky since the Prohibiton Era boasts a wide range of ales. In addition, customers can enjoy satisfying appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches as they look out over our beautiful Bay.
2.  Bait House Brewery   Sandusky will be solidifying a spot in the brewing industry with the opening of Bait House. With all hops, malts, and brew kettles sourced directly from Ohio, we're in store for some delicious craft beers. Watch the progress on Meigs St. and get your glasses ready.
3.  Barra Tacos & Cocktails    In the heart of Downtown, Barra has already earned a reputation - some of the best and most creative tacos around (plus many more inspiring dishes and drinks). Four out of five stars on Yelp, unique modern Mexican cuisine, and hand-crafted cocktails make this restaurant a thriving business (and a favorite of ECEDC's lunch rotation).
4.  OH Taco   Fresh and authentic Mexican food, OH Taco rounds out the entertainment options found at the Hotel Kilbourne.  Owners Ryan & Nikki Lloyd Whaley completed their historic renovation project at 223 W Water Street with continued character and beauty.  If you haven't witnessed the food or the space, we highly recommend you do. 
5.  JaxBar   A comfortable new spot opening up on Market Street.  JaxBar has already earned twenty-five five-star reviews on Facebook.  A portion of their proceeds is donated back to local causes too, so go ahead and have another.     

Pop Quiz! Where can you find these good eats?

In the areas of health, beauty, and well-being, go check out:

6.  CrossFit Sandusky  ' Movement' is happening in Sandusky in more ways than one.  CrossFit moved into its new space this year, activating an underutilized building on East Market St.  The building renovations and the business continue to build community in this key corridor of the City.
7. Tim Dorsey Fitness    Tim's  entrepreneurial journey is one of steady growth and commitment  to a cause.  His passion for health launched a personal training business, beginning with training clients in their homes, then growing to classes at hotel fitness centers, and finally to his own private facility.  And followers just kept coming, pushing him to his latest and largest announcement: a new facility on Market St that's set to open the coming year.
8.  Lena's Brow and Beauty Bar    Bridget Sanders is a beautician with years of experience and lots of love for Erie County. When the salon she was working for previously closed, Bridget made the decision to stay in Sandusky out of loyalty to her clients and the area. It paid off! Lena's Brow and Beauty Bar is the first salon of its kind and has created a niche for itself. Pampering and services are now available at 121 W Water.

For strolling and entertainment:

9.  Zero Tide Apparel   "Old School, Great Lakes Inspired Apparel."  Classic, yet cool, holiday gifts can now be found 223 W Water. 
10. Sandusky Wine Merchant     Owner Kevin Bertschi knows his wine. Reviewers rave about his friendly service and expert opinion. The fine wine shop has an excellent selection for all tastes, plus gourmet food and small gifts. Please stop in and enjoy this new addition to the downtown scene. 
11.  Ceiling Art Company    Historic preservationists are joining a historic district.  Shop owners specialize in hand painted medallions, antique light fixtures and crystal chandeliers.
12.  Paddle and Climb    Have you seen the progress at 305 E Water?  Look forward to this outdoor sporting option set to open in 2018.
13.  Sandusky Segwave   "Jim the Tour Guy" was a cruising leader in Columbus, Ohio when he was invited to visit Sandusky by some old friends.  With momentum on the rise and a Bi-centennial ahead, Jim decided to relocate and open his business in Downtown Sandusky.  Holiday rides are being offered now- no Segway experience required!
14.  Bay Popcorn   Mother and Daughter batch each hand-made serving of popcorn at this new spot.  Buckets or bags. Savory or Sweet. You can find it here.

Finally, shopping + entertainment + food? Sounds like the making of a great office environment:

15.  Foth    A new branch of the Wisconsin based engineering group opened in the City this Fall.  This dynamic company is hard at work supporting infrastructure and water quality projects across the Great Lakes region.  

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It's a long list, but these entrepreneurs are worthy of the read. Thanks to all for choosing Erie County and for continuing to brighten the neighborhood.  #ErieCounty12Days

Abbey Bemis, Executive Director
Development trends and outward migration in the mid-late nineties took a toll on Downtown's across America including Sandusky's.  But over the last decade the pendulum has been swinging back, and the renaissance of our city centers is here.   Sandusky may be leading the way with  32  new businesses opening in the last 2 years .   Downtowns are powerful symbols for a City with vital businesses, landmarks, history and culture.  Economic development and policy leaders are working to fortify these spaces and utilize them as an increasingly important tool to attract entrepreneurial creativity, neighborhood activism and young talent.

The 12 Days of Development email series recognizes and celebrates another year of progress in Erie County, Ohio.  Each day this week and next you will receive an email spotlight on a company investing, improving and innovating in our community. We can't capture it all, so let us know a neighbor we missed or what activities you've got planned to make the 2018 list!