Get Inspired
Why This Chicago Artist
Turned Abandoned Homes Into Art
Day 11: Art comes from the heart. Artistic expression is a way for us to tell stories, to make our voices heard, and to connect with others. Today, we want you and your family to think about the power of art. Watch this video about artist Amanda Williams and how she transformed abandoned homes in her South Side neighborhood into symbols of community identity.

Color(ed) Theory is a multi-year project focused on telling a story through color. Amanda Williams' work questions what colors mean and what we associate certain colors with. By choosing colors that resonate with her cultural identity, Amanda raises awareness and challenges people to think about what community means to them.
Let's Talk
After watching Amanda Williams' Ted Talk, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • How did Amanda channel her life experience into her art? What did you find interesting about her approach to public art?

  • Can you think of artwork that inspires you? What makes it special?

  • What's your favorite way to express yourself creatively? Can you do it now?

  • Bonus! On your next walk in your neighborhood, see if you can spot public art. Look carefully - you might find art where you least expect it!
Do Something
Create a Neighborhood Art Installation
Bring art to your neighborhood! Create a window art installation to bring cheer to your neighbors. Public art has the power to bring a smile to peoples' faces and spread love for your community. Rally others to decorate their windows too and create an outdoor art show on your block.

Use objects from around your house and get creative! Will you make an upcycled sculpture? Or create a painted sign with a positive message? Honeycomb volunteer Olivia Kristen and her family made a DIY stained glass window. If you want to try something similar, you can find a window paint recipe here.

Honeycomb in the news! Email pictures or videos of your window artwork to Sydney by Tuesday afternoon and your creations might be featured on Fox32 Chicago this Wednesday at 9:30 am. We're excited to see what you come up with!
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Community Connections
Go On a Virtual Field Trip
Visit a museum at home! Just because we're staying in, doesn't mean we can't explore art from around the world! Check out this list of virtual museum tours and take a tour with your family.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Louvre in Paris? Or explore the halls of the Salvador Dali Theatre- Museum in Catalonia? Experience art from around the world with virtual tours right from your living room.
Chef Du Jour
Honeycomb Leadership Corps alumn, Yea and Tea Lang, shared the BEST Banana Bread Ever! This banana bread is the perfect sweet treat to bake with your family. Yea and Tea have been keeping busy at home with lots of puzzles, art, at home workouts, organizing and more!

Yea and Tea recently graduated from the Honeycomb Leadership Corps and are about to start their new roles as Project Leaders! Yea and Tea love that Honeycomb focuses on volunteering as a family activity so younger kids have the opportunity to contribute to their community. They are excited to help foster some fun family time and do good! Outside of Honeycomb, Yea likes dogs, family and browsing at Homegoods/Marshall's. Tea likes water polo, sleeping in, and going on vacations with friends.
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