12th Day of Christmas
January 5

The Wise Men
By: Gerry Clonaris
Devotional Readings
Matthew 2:1–12 (OSB p. 1268)

Family Activity
Gold is for the King of ages. Frankincense is for the God of all. Myrrh is offered to the Immortal One, who shall be three days dead.

In the Spirit of the Gifts of the Magi, take one of your recent Christmas gifts (that you like) and give it to someone else.
Fun Fact!
Tomorrow Jesus will be baptized, and the Trinity will be revealed! Let us all prepare for Theophany with the Forerunner John the Baptist.

Luke 1:5-80 (OSB p. 1360); 3:1-20 (OSB p. 1368)
Matthew 3:1-12 (OSB p. 1269)
Mark 1:1-8 (OSB p. 1329)
John 1:1-34 (OSB p. 1419)