August 31, 2020 | 11 Elul 5780
Day 12
It’s Day 12 of #30DaysOfLearning and this editor owes you an apology. Yesterday, I posted a link to a funny list of types of bread you might want to use for Tashlich. The site we posted for the list wasn’t appropriate, and I hope that you will forgive me for the quick copy and paste job. I try hard to make sure the links are solid and well-researched, and I didn’t imagine something so innocuous could come from a site that is so clearly out of alignment with our shul’s values. Mea cupla. Al chet shechatani… and here’s a better link for your bread-sin connections. I promise to do better.

Now then… on to today’s learning: OKCer Josh Wilkenfeld dives into what makes the Rosh Hashanah Musaf service different from all other Musaf services, and the ability each of us has to rewrite our personal histories with self-compassion.

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Up next: OKC Board Member, Adina Alpert, mixes up a potent cocktail of learning, creativity, and deliciousness in this video about symbolic holiday foods (including two drink recipes).

Self care is at the top of our list during a pandemic. How do we make sure our own tank is fueled so we can provide support to others? OKCer Rabbi Aderet Drucker, Executive Director of The Den Collective, is offering Just Breathe: Elul Edition (Transformation and Renewal for a New Year. Join her for an evening of text study, discussion, and guided meditation.
Let’s discover our connection points to one another! We will ask you to share fun facts about yourself, offer personal reflections, and engage in interesting conversation points. For each of these thirty days, we will introduce one new topic a day. Today’s topic:

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Self-care for kids is equally important as self-care for adults. Helping kids learn how to recognize and tend to their physical and emotional needs helps them build a strong foundation for healthy habits as adults. We liked this self-care Bingo card as a place to start talking about how to make that happen with kids. (Psst… parents! You’ll do your best parenting if you’re taking care of yourself, too! Here are 30+ self care tips for parents during the pandemic.)

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