DAY 13

We know what you all are thinking, a reflection day already? Alas, we have reached the end of Section 4, and that calls for consideration of what we learned these past few days! With that in mind, we ask today for everyone to reflect on this past section. Consider the following questions:
  • Which group or groups of people feel most at home in your workplace?
  • Whose norms, values, and perspectives does your workplace consider legitimate and right?
  • In your workplace whose voices are silenced when they raise concerns?
  • Who inhabits positions of power within your organization?
  • How is diverse talent rewarded? What measures have been taken to retain them?
  • What are the ways in which my action and inaction perpetuate dominant power dynamics? What actions can I start to take to do better?
For any questions about the challenge please reach out to Denise Nava of the Albuquerque Community Foundation or Hannah Royer of United Way of Central New Mexico.
If after reading this newsletter you felt that there are other co-workers, friends or family members you feel may benefit from the challenge, feel free to send them the link to sign up for the challenge found below!