September 4, 2020 | 15 Elul 5780
Day 16
It’s Day 16 of #30DaysOfLearning and Ravlaf (AKA Rabbi Fishman) is back for another double portion. We’ll review the Torah reading for the morning of Yom Kippur, complete with step- by-step directions on purifying the sanctuary.
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Up next: Part 2 of this week's double Ravlaf portion, the Yom Kippur AM Haftarah.

Today’s the big day! We’ve got a holiday care package with your name on it and we’d love to see you. Drive through the OKC parking lot to pick up your High Holiday gift bags between noon and 4 pm and you can borrow a mahzor for the holidays at the same time. Can’t make it today? We’ll be there Sunday from 10-2 and Monday from 3-6:45, too. 
Let’s discover our connection points to one another! We will ask you to share fun facts about yourself, offer personal reflections, and engage in interesting conversation points. For each of these thirty days, we will introduce one new topic a day. Today’s topic:

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Tell me you’ve seen this incredible video of seals sounding just like shofars. While we’re at it, here are some penguins on a field trip around Shedd aquarium, and some other penguins checking out an art museum during the coronavirus. And then you can get a peek at the new baby panda at the National Zoo. Why? Because animals are incredible! Go check out the National Zoo (open with advance registration) and say a special hello to the goats this season.

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