Day 18, May 8: Disparities in Education
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As individuals interested in learning more about racial equity, you’ve likely heard the term “school-to-prison pipeline." (If you haven’t, check out this infographic.)

Today's content examines the school-to-prison pipeline, the discriminatory application of discipline, and other racial disparities in education.

  • Article: Black girls are six times more likely to be suspended than white girls. Check out this study to better understand how Black girls are being pushed out of school.

  • Video: Out-of-school suspensions have doubled since the 1970s and continue to increase even though juvenile crimes have dropped. Watch this short video, which further explains the school-to-prison pipeline. Did you know it starts as early as preschool?  

  • Spotlight: Through this interactive database, you can plug in your school system or other school systems nearby to investigate whether there is racial inequality.

  • More: Ready to deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills? Our Equity Summit is May 13 and 14. You can learn more and register here. Even if you can't attend all of the virtual sessions, registration ensures that you'll have access to the complete Equity Summit online for three months!

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