Get Inspired
Arts to Excel
Day 19: Creativity can help us see the world in new ways. Art can help us transform our perspectives on the world and each other. Today, we're challenging your family to think about how creativity can help us change ourselves and the world. Check out this video about how photography classes in Cook County Jail inspired creativity and helped to provide a new perspective for people who are currently incarcerated.

Art not only connects us as human beings, but it allows us to learn and empathize with the perspectives of others. People who are incarcerated and people working in jails and prisons are currently facing conditions that leave them vulnerable to getting sick. Like many of us at home, they are looking for ways to stay healthy, be active, and practice their creativity.

This film was produced by  Small Forces , a creative impact studio here in Chicago dedicated to amplifying the work of purpose-driven organizations through cinematic storytelling. We love their inspiring work!
Let's Talk
After watching Arts to Excel, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the video? Did you learn anything new?

  • Why is it important to try to see the world in new ways? How can art help to challenge stereotypes?

  • What does creativity mean to you? Has art ever helped you express your perspective to others?

  • Bonus! Get creative. Challenge yourself to try a new mode of self expression today. Have you ever tried collaging? Writing music? Paper mâché?

Do Something
Family Photoshoot
Finding beauty at home. Are you starting to get a little bored with your surroundings? Today, we're challenging your family to look at your home in a new way. Grab a phone or camera and capture images of your life.

Snap a picture of your breakfast, your siblings smile, the view from your front door, or your pet asleep on the couch. Sometimes beauty shows up best in the simple things.

If you're up for a challenge, start a photo diary while you shelter at home! Try to take a photo that embodies your emotions, get goofy and pose with your family, capture a candid shot of your day, or highlight still life objects around your house. How can photography change the way you see life at home?

If you capture any shots that you're proud of, share your vision with the Honeycomb Hive! Send your favorite pictures to Sydney or tag us on social media with #honeycombathome and #thehoneycombproject.
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Community Connections
Chicago Books to Women in Prison
From reading to rehabilitation. Reading is a great way to learn about new topics, pass the time, and expand our worlds. Chicago Books to Women in Prison is an entirely volunteer run organization dedicated to providing books to women and nonbinary folks who are incarcerated in Illinois and around the country. The books that CBWP provides, help people who are incarcerated read for fun, advocate for themselves, and work to complete their education - helping them to transform their lives in and out of prison.

Let's tackle that book shelf! Work together as a family to pick out books in your home to donate. CBWP accepts paperback books that are gently used and in good condition. CBWP works hard to provide books that are requested by the population they serve. Check out their donation guidelines list to see if the books you have match their needs!

Make a family game plan. Take it one shelf at a time. Decide on which books to donate, check the quality, and store them in a box. Everyone has a job to do! Play music, make it a game, or competition. Who can quality check the most books?

Save your books until it's safe to donate. Chicago Books to Women in Prison will be excited to accept your books once it is safe to organize drop offs at their warehouse. Stay connected on their website or email to get in touch when drop offs resume.

Don't have any books at home to donate? Or looking for a good read yourself? Support local businesses while you donate! Check out this list of Chicago area bookstores and how they are adapting to sell books to Chicagoans while practicing social distancing.
Keep an eye out for your amazing work in the news! In the past few day, Honeycomb was featured on WGN Around Town and Fox32 . Tonight you can hear us on WGN Radio AM 720 at 7:30 pm! Your dedication to our Chicago community is making headlines.We're so inspired by all you do!

Funders & Supporters
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