DAY 19

RACIAL BIASES are not unknown to the history of the U.S. education system. Dating back to the 1800s, Native American children were taken from their homes and forced into boarding schools where they were pushed to abandon their native language and adopt a foreign religion. Education was used to assimilate these Native American children to White culture forcibly. This institutional racism created a belief that White culture was far better than the Native American Way.
Institutional Racism today – the “New Racism”

In modern times, “New Racism” arose; concealed, more subtle, and much harder to detect, this New Racism operates deep under the radar. The Black Lives Matter Movement and the looming Trump administration have propelled the conversation of race and racial issues to the forefront of American consciousness. It is argued, however, that while these conversations are crucial, we are not recognizing the systemic racism that has been present in our educational system for decades. Racism is so deeply innate that it is believed that racism no longer exists in our country. But in our public schools, another story is being told.
Healing Racism in Schools

This 11-episode series of podcasts is for everyone against racism. No one is more vulnerable than our children. Each week we will cover issues that affect Black students and students of color. Expect to hear authentic, direct dialogue about the role of white supremacy in schools and how you can protect yourself mentally, physically and energetically.

It started out as a day she was excited for. It was Halloween and McKenzie Johnson, a junior at Cibola High School in Albuquerque, had her costume picked out and ready to wear.
(By Micah McCoy, Senior Communications Strategist, Communications.)
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