Peerless Ovens
Innovation Meets Tradition
Peerless Ovens has been in business for over 1-0-0 years. Located right here in Sandusky, they design, manufacture, and ship commercial grade ovens all over the world.

Peerless Ovens was founded in the mid 1800’s, but a shift in 1919 led to who they are today – a world class producer of gas or electric vent or ventless high quality commercial ovens. Bryan Huntley, the current owner, has been a major part of the company’s progression. But Bryan started at the bottom - at 16, cleaning the yard for just $1.00 per hour. From there, he steadily moved up the ladder to eventually purchase the business from his father. Now, Bryan not only oversees the operation but plays a direct role in the design and production process.
Fast Facts
  • 20 Employees and rapidly growing
  • Each oven is comprised of over 300 parts, all produced and assembled here in Sandusky
  • Peerless Ovens power many favorite local spots, like Daly's, Shorehouse, Wonderbar, Firelands Winery, and more
Inside the Peerless Ovens facility, you find the production of the famous Peerless Ovens from start to finish. Bryan describes this process and the finished product as “innovation meeting tradition”. A perfect example was their 2021 investment in a new CNC Sheet Metal Stamping Press. The machine allows Peerless to upload the parts they need into a software and then lets the machine do the rest of the work, freeing up staff time to keep up with increasing demand.

After the metal is cut into the pieces needed, the Peerless team begins the assembly process - bending, welding, and compiling the parts that will make up the oven. As it moves down the line, the important gas or electric system is added along with quality checks to ensure it meets their high standards. Once finished, the oven heads to the shipping area to be labeled and packaged, ready to be sent to multiple distribution centers across the country.
It’s Peerless Ovens’ quality that has set it apart from its competitors. The company has intentionally applied for and received the various certifications necessary to sell their products both nationally and internationally. With distribution centers located in Tennessee and Florida, Peerless Ovens can be found in Mexico, Canada, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and all throughout the United States. This has led to the company getting national attention, even appearing on famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back tv series.

Peerless, however, also takes great pride in what they provide locally. Their ovens can be found in well-known places like Daly’s Pub, The Pancake House, the VFW, and Firelands Winery to name a few. We appreciate having Peerless Ovens in our community and their efforts to make this a great place to live, work, and eat…
Did You Know?
Business Development is ECEDC's top organizational priority. By being immersed in the economic development ecosystem and conducting proactive outreach to local businesses, ECEDC links companies with the programs that are right for them. A conversation with leaders at Peerless Ovens enabled our team to connect them with Team NEO and secure a JobsOhio Inclusion Grant. . Contact us to learn what programs might be a good fit for your business.
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