Get Inspired
Senior Choir
It's good to see you on Day 2! While everyone is hanging out at home, we're challenging you to find new ways to socialize with your friends, family, and community. Our inspiring video of the day is about a senior choir, who are tackling issues of isolation by celebrating the joy of music.

As people age, it is sometimes harder to get out of the house and socialize and make new friends. That's why a group of seniors got together to start a community choir. Together, the seniors are able to leave the house, explore a fun talent, and make new friends. Watch the video above to learn more about the importance of community for older adults in our community.
Let's Talk
After watching the video about the senior choir use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • Did anything surprise you about the seniors featured in the video? What made you smile?

  • Why is it important to exercise creativity? How can your family be creative together?

  • Do you know a grandparent, neighbor or family friend who lives alone and might be feeling isolated now? Make a call to say hi and check-in!

  • Bonus! Write a song or do karaoke as a family tonight!

Do Something
Send Art to Seniors
Have you been practicing your creativity while at home? Get out your markers, pencils, paints and more! Our second challenge of the week is to draw a picture or make a work of art to bring cheer to isolated seniors.

Scan or take a picture of your artwork and email the image to Sydney . We'll send copies of your creations to our partner serving seniors including Lincoln Perry Apartments and Our Lady of the Angels. Imagine how much joy you'll bring to a homebound senior when they find your artwork tucked in with their grocery delivery!
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New Honeycomb Pins!
We have a NEW Honeycomb at Home pin to add to your collection! After you complete 5 activities, contact us and send us pictures of your work. We'll send your pin straight to your door!

Share your good work with the world! Post the activities you do on social media with #honeycombathome and #thehoneycombproject.
Community Connections
My Block My Hood My City
My Block My Hood My City is working hard to keep seniors safe and social! From hand sanitizer deliveries and food deliveries, to community check ins, MBMHMC is rallying to keep our communities healthy and happy.

Help take care of Chicago seniors by signing up to give a senior a call! If you and your family have a couple minutes to spare, sign up on this form to get connected to a senior in our community. MBMHMC will provide you with a script and wellness survey to make sure everyone is doing okay.

Now is a great time to get to know seniors in our community! Ask them questions, talk about your favorite meals, your favorite adventures, hopefully you'll make a new friend along the way.

Chef Du Jour
Project Leader Alana shared her favorite Spiced Chickpea Stew recipe with us for a cozy night in! Alana loves this stew because it's versatile. Substitute the greens with spinach or add in whatever veggies you have in the fridge. Alana is always cooking with us at Sarah's Circle and we're excited to try her favorite at home recipe.

Alana has been leading projects with Honeycomb for years! You may recognize her from events like Cook Up Comfort or Help Shelter Animals. Alana loves showing Honeycomb families how fun and rewarding volunteering can be. Leading Honeycomb events makes her feel closer to her community. Outside of Honeycomb, you can find Alana playing with her cats, practicing yoga, and dining at new restaurants.
Stay connected to our Honeycomb community through our  Hive Matters Community Page  on Facebook - a collaborative forum for all Honeycomb's volunteers and local partners to share ideas, connect, and inspire service both at home and out in Chicago's communities.
"Your programs have a positive effect on the seniors by allowing them to improve their quality of life through music and community connection."
- Lincoln Perry Apartments & Chicago Housing Authority

Funders & Supporters
The Honeycomb Project engages, mobilizes and inspires kids and their families to build strong and vibrant communities for all Chicagoans. Since 2011, more than 22,000 volunteers have participated in Honeycomb programs benefitting 45 local organizations.