Day 20, May 10: Racism and Policing
Bias within the criminal justice system is not a new phenomenon. But in recent years, the massive impact of these biases on communities of color has been highlighted in the media, creating a national movement around criminal justice reform.

Today we'll focus on the damaging and often fatal effects of bias and over-policing.

  • Article: Researchers at Stanford University reported that there was less evidence of wrongdoing when Black and Latino drivers were stopped by police, compared to when white drivers were stopped. This NBC News story covers the Stanford study, which examined 100 million traffic stops in the U.S.

  • Audio: In communities where there is increased racial bias, African American fatalities at the hands of police occur at a rate that is disproportionate to their prevalence in that community. Listen to this seven-minute NPR story that highlights new research about bias.

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