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A Young Scientist's Quest for Clean Water
Day 23: Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a day where people around the world mobilize to protect our planet - even from home! We're challenging your family to become environmental stewards and learn about the ways youth are taking the lead in environmental activism. To start our Earth Day celebration, check out Deepika Kurup's Ted Talk about becoming a scientist at age 12 and her mission to provide clean drinking water for all.

Let's Talk
After watching Deepika Kurup's Ted Talk, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What inspired you about Deepika's story? What did you learn?

  • How does the environment support us? Why is it important to maintain our environment for people and planet?

  • How are you appreciating nature while you shelter at home? What can you do today?

  • Bonus! Celebrate environmental victories. Sometimes saving the planet can feel like a big problem to tackle. Take a moment today to celebrate this historic day and 50 years of people working to protect our planet!

Wilco Reads The Lorax
A Candlelit Celebration
Wilco and The Lorax?! That's right! Chicago's favorite band, Wilco , is joining Honeycomb to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a reading of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax . Bassist, John Stirratt, will host an intimate reading of this bedtime classic, exploring how we can stand up to protect our planet by conserving its natural resources.

Together, with families from all over the city, we'll collectively shut our lights to conserve electricity and light candles in our homes in a citywide celebration of Earth Day. Come together as a community to save energy and enjoy this iconic story of environmentalism with a Chicago legend.

This limited broadcast is only available TONIGHT from 6 pm - midnight. Learn more here.
2020 Earth Day Toolkit
With the Obama Foundation
Earth Day is every day! To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we partnered with our friends at the Obama Foundation to bring you our 2020 Earth Day Toolkit. Check out these fun tips on how you can be practice environmental stewardship right from home.

Earth Day is a reminder that we are all protectors of our environment, acting in community to maintain and preserve the planet that provides so much for us. Learn about Chicago's unique urban environment, discover sustainable activities, and see how you can carry on the Earth Day Legacy. Explore the 2020 Earth Day Toolkit!

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