30 Days of Prayer for Nazareth Baptist School                                             Issue No. 23


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DAY 23 





Isaiah 28:17-19; I Peter 2:5


Isaiah 28 speaks about God's people who think they can rely on themselves to weather the storm that is coming. But God says in verse 16: "No! you have to rely on and cling to my stone. If you rely on yourselves you will be swept away!" (vs 17-19). In Hosea it speaks about God's people who are getting so far from Him that they are not even recognized as His people any more, but by His grace He will bring them back.


In I Peter 2:5 we learn that as believers we are like living stones, Jesus is the "Living Stone." He is "Living" because He rose from the dead. His people are built on Him, a sure foundation. Notice the great work God is doing with these living stones: He is building spiritual temples through holy priests.

Believers are living stones, but believers are also priests. In the second part of the verse the believers are a company of priests offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.


  1. Jesus is called a stone or the corner stone. What does it mean to you that Jesus is a stone that you can cling to in a storm?
  2. What are our duties as priests?
  3. Who are you? When people ask you that question, we often respond with what we do- "I'm a teacher," or our nationality or ethnicity - "I'm a Palestinian" or I'm "an Israeli" or I'm "an American", or maybe we give our family name "I'm a Haddad." But this verse shows us our basic image - we are God's.



When believers think of the Holy Land they often think about things that happened in the past. Basically they think of the ruins and archeological sites or "dead stones." What about the living stones in the Holy Land today? What about the future that God has for the living stones?


Zaher Haddad 

General Secretary of Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel

NBS Teacher

September 23, 2011


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DAY 23





1. Pray for NBS as a living stone especially for the chapel meetings in NBS.


2. Pray that these

meetings be refreshing and future living stones. 


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