Day 24 of the Feast
Dear One,

Each day I meditate cross-legged sitting on my sofa in my living room. When people come to visit they seem to gravitate to that spot even though there are many other places they could choose to sit. There must be something special about it.

When you meditate or pray or do some other spiritual practice, your body and mind settle down, purify, and harmonize. Your being becomes more coherent and your energy expands. You touch the deepest and most subtle aspect of your Self. This not only affects your mind and body, it affects the spot where you practice. The ripple effect of peace is undeniable.

In reality, everywhere you stand and sit is sacred. Yes, it's true that some places seem to have more spiritual wattage than others. Some are sacred places that are destinations for pilgrims. Whether it be a holy temple, cathedral, or sacred site, each place can cultivate a sense of serenity, awe, and reverence. Maybe it's because when humans decide over many years that a place is sacred, it becomes infused with a special energy. Or, is it the other way around?

I feel a deep sense of connection and reverence in these three places: the meditation gardens of Yogananda's Fellowship in Encinitas, Calfornia, the Virupaksha cave where Ramana Maharshi sat in meditation for hours in South India, and the lower basilica of the church where St. Francis' body is laid in Assisi, Italy. There are so many others. Each year I aim to visit one. This year, I am lucky enough to go on a tour which includes a private visit to Stonehenge and the chalice well in Britain.

How does where you meditate affect the space you are in? Where do you go on pilgrimage? Share with me on the Facebook Group. I'd love to know more.
Thank you for putting your spirituality first during this time of deep practice. I am practicing with you.

Here's to peace inside and out.

Love, Sarah

Sarah McLean
Director, Feast for the Soul, Inc.

Meditation Teacher Highlight
Don Kollmar  lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Originally from New York, he's been a holistic therapist since 1975 in Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Don's work emphasizes "living as a Soul that has a person." Don offers a meditation based self-healing and spiritual growth process called  Complete Self Attunement (CSA) . He guides you into a beautiful meditation where the focus is on your inner light. It creates harmony and a sweet sense of being embodied. I enjoyed it!

Spiritual Practice Tip
Keep going! Whether you meditate for 20 or 40 minutes a day, it's important to set aside the time to meditate and stick with your practice for the duration that you commit to. If you set your timer for 20 minutes, you need to complete all 20. This is the way your brain is trained and you become less reactive and more responsive. Don’t decide halfway through that your meditation isn’t going the way you hoped or that you are bored.

Set a realistic time for yourself and commit to practicing the WHOLE TIME. If you are new to meditation, start with a shorter time frame and work your way up to 20 minutes, twice a day. Staying with the practice helps you in so many ways. When you feel like quitting you keep going. This practice in meditation will help you navigate uncomfortable situations with more stamina and ease. in every day life. It will help you to be You'll be less reactive, and more responsive to your life.
Living the Feast
A favorite teacher known as the Ammachi, the hugging saint from India teaches: 

"There is one Truth that shines through all of creation. Rivers and mountains, plants and animals, the sun, the moon and the stars, you and I—all are expressions of this one Reality."

Can you see life that way today?

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