30 Days of Prayer for Nazareth Baptist School                                             Issue No. 25


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DAY 25 






Philippians 4:13; Matthew 9:35-10:15.


Early in my Human Resources Management career I faced a critical assignment - one without a precedent - an assignment that if not completed to the satisfaction of the government would result in a substantial penalty, up to and including closing the business. We were the first company in the state to face the new federal compliance order. Only three days after being employed by the company, I was assigned as project leader for the compliance task. Needless to say, I was clueless.


A few days into the 30-day period for filing our plan, I approached my boss, a man whom I respected and trusted to help me. He responded to my plea for guidance, "You are smart. You'll figure it out." I did not feel smart! Figuring it out was why I came to him for help.


From this experience the Lord taught me a number of things that have continued to affect my leadership style.


     1.    Christ is our strength. I went home that evening         overwhelmed, confused and dependent upon Christ to give me a next-step plan. I found empowerment in Philippians 4:13.

     2.    Good leadership involves trusting novices. Jesus called the disciples and immediately gave them power (Matthew 10:1). My boss trusted a novice.

     3.    Good leaders give clear directives. Jesus sent the newly chosen disciples out with simple instructions for complicated tasks: go only to the Jews, preach, heal, cleanse, raise the dead, cast out demons, do it all with limited physical resources and expect rejection (Matthew 10:5-1). The directive I received was clear and concise-ensure compliance.


Yes, the plan met compliance and was cited as a model for the state.




When NBS faculty, students, parents and others feel that the assignment is unreasonable, may they think back on how Jesus equipped his disciples for ministry through empowerment. Often, assignments that seem impossible at the time have a lasting and positive impact. May each NBS faculty member and student face his or her daily challenges with the zeal and faith of the newly commissioned disciples. 


Donna Chisam

Operations Consultant

Friends of Nazareth

September 25, 2011


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DAY 25




1. Pray for the past, current and future KG-12 students of Nazareth Baptist School and the leadership roles that each will hold as adults. 


2. Pray for the legacy of NBS - may it never waver from its vision, mission and values.


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FON exists to serve the Nazareth Baptist School, a day school started by Southern Baptists in 1936 in our Lord's hometown. As one of the top rated schools by the Ministry of Education, it is the only K-12 evangelical school in Israel.


Our goal is to help the Nazareth Baptist School maintain its high credentials and provide Christian education to a greater number of Arab students from both Christian and Muslim families. To do this it is necessary to relocate the school.


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