2 legislative days until Crossover Day. 

Key Education Legislation:
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HB 26:   Raise Mandatory Education Age from 16 to 17 

HB 28: Lead Contamination Testing in Public and Private Schools 
In House Education Committee. 

HB 32: Prohibit Sexual Contact Between School Employees & Students 
In House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. 

HB 37  Sanctuary Policies. Private post secondary institutions shall not adopt sanctuary policies.  Passed the House on Thursday. 

 HB 65: Low THC Oil Patient Registry 
In the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. Would establish a registry for low THC oil patients. Redefines "low THC" from 3% to 5%.

HB 77: Mental Health Training Materials  In House Education Committee. Relating to student health in elementary and secondary education, so as to provide for the development of a list of training materials in mental health, behavioral disabilities, and learning disabilities; to provide that no cause of action is created; to provide that no duty of care is created. 

HB 139: Financial Transparency in Schools  Passed House, in Senate Education. So as to provide transparency of financial information of local school systems and schools to the greatest extent practicable.

HB 198: Flu Vaccine. Passed House; moves on to Senate. Requires local districts to provide info re the influenza vaccine.

HB 200: Sunscreen. Would authorize students to carry and self-administer sunscreen (and require a local board policy) because "the General Assembly hereby finds and declares that many children in Georgia are exposed to excessive ultraviolet radiation because school policies prevent the use of sunscreen at school and in school sponsored activities." 

HB 273: Recess In House Education Committee. Requiring each local board to schedule a daily recess for students in grades K-5 of at least 30 minutes of supervised, unstructured activity time, preferably outdoors beginning with the 2017-18 school year.  Local boards shall also establish policies to ensure recess is a safe experience, provides a break in academic learning, and that recess is not used as a punishment. 

HB 280: Campus Carry. Passed sub-committee Thursday, now goes to the full Public Safety committee. Would allow permit-holding Georgians, age 21 and up, to carry weapons on college campuses.  The bill exempts  athletic facilities and student housing.  This year's version adds an exemption for preschool space but "shall not apply if (the campus) has more than one building on the campus housing preschool space."

HR 57:  Establishes study committee on school nutrition; attempts to undo nutritional guidelines already in place; also attempts to get more GA produce in schools (20% of produce used in schools from GA farms)

SB 3Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training (CONNECT) Act
Passed Senate, In House Education Committee.  To provide for industry credentialing for students who complete certain focused programs of study.

SB 16: Low THC Oil 
Passed the Senate.  Changes the definition of "low" to 3% instead of 5%. Relating to the regulation of low THC oil and the establishment of the Low THC Oil Patient Registry, add autism to the list of disorders it can be used to treat. 

SB 29: Require testing for lead contamination in child care learning centers 
In Senate Health. 

SB 77: Raise Mandatory Education Age (Sen. Vincent Fort)
Senate Education & Youth. Would raise age of mandatory education from 16 to 17. 

SB 149: GA Peace Officers. Standards and code of conduct for school peace officers. In Senate Education.

SB 150: Loitering at or Disrupting Schools; code of conduct for peace officers and school officials; least coercive methods necessary. In Senate Education

SB 151: Local Boards & Civil Actions. Provides that local school boards can use public funds for fees related to civil actions. In Senate Education. 

SB 152: Alternative Education No More Than Two Semesters. In Senate Education. 

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