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New Life Health Foods in North Lawndale
Day 26: Neighbors unite! We all have a right to access food, water, and resources we need to survive and thrive. Today, we're inviting your family to think about how we can build communities that provide access to needed essentials for all. Check out the video about a black-owned health food store in North Lawndale and how their store brings new resources to a food desert.

An urban food desert is a community where people have to travel over a half a mile to access fresh nourishing food. Businesses and organizations like New Life Health Foods are mobilizing across the city to increase access to resources and provide healthy options for their communities. We all can work together to make sure fresh food and resources are accessible for all.

This film was produced by  Free Spirit Media , an organization that transforms media and society by providing opportunities for emerging creators, primarily for communities of color, to produce and distribute original content. We love their inspiring work!
Let's Talk
After watching the video about New Life Health Foods, use the questions below to kick-start a thoughtful conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the video on New Life Health Foods?

  • Why is it important to have access to healthy foods? How can healthy food strengthen a community?

  • What's your favorite way to stay healthy at home? Is it cooking a nutritious meal, exercising?

  • Bonus! Support a local store with healthy selections near you! Many stores around the city are delivering or doing curbside pick up. Try your best to source your health products local!

Do Something
Community Activity Exchange
Take one, leave one! Have you done the same puzzle over and over again? Are ready for some new ways to stay busy? Grab a plastic bin and some decorating materials. Get creative and decorate the bin any way you please. Make sure to leave a note on top of your bin "Community Game Exchange" or "Take one, leave one!"

Share your favorite pass time with your community! Grab some activities like puzzles, comics, or games that you've already completed or no longer use and place them in the bin. Leave the bin out on your sidewalk and let your neighbors know it's there. You might give a passerby just the puzzle they were looking for!
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Community Connections
Brave Space Alliance Food Pantry
Stock local food pantries. Brave Space Alliance is the first black-led, trans-led LGBTQ center on the South Side of Chicago. They provide vital resources and programming on health and wellness, visibility, and solidarity for the LGBTQ community. While many of their programs are now on hold or online, they are running a Crisis Pantry to deliver food and resources to LGBTQ folks in need.

Try to limit unnecessary trips. If you're out grocery shopping for your own family, consider picking up some extra items to drop off at the pantry on your way home. The Brave Space Alliance is located at 1515 E 52nd Place. Donations may be left outside their door from 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Thursday for no-contact drop offs.

The Crisis Pantry is most in need of non-perishable goods and snacks. Check out their list of needs and accepted items.

Please wear gloves when shopping and maintain social distance while dropping off donations. If you or a family member are not feeling well, please refrain from donating at this time.
Chef Du Jour
Honeycomb Leadership Corps members, Evan and Andrea Sill, sent us this mouth watering Chicken Jubilee Recipe to share with the Hive! Besides cooking up this delicious meal, the Sill family has been getting creative making mini golf courses out of house hold items and playing bingo over facetime with friends.

Since 2014, the Sill family, Andrea, Paul, Emery, and Evan have attended over 40 Honeycomb events! Some of their favorites are sewing quilts for patients, wrapping holiday gifts, preparing meals and more! Recently, Andrea and Evan stepped up in a new way by joining the 2020-2021 Honeycomb Leadership Corps. They are excited to be apart of leading the events they have been enjoying so much.
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Funders & Supporters
The Honeycomb Project engages, mobilizes and inspires kids and their families to build strong and vibrant communities for all Chicagoans. Since 2011, more than 25,000 volunteers have participated in Honeycomb programs benefitting 40+ local organizations.