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Celebrating a Librarian's Impact on a Young Learner
Day 27: Learning is a lifelong love! Education challenges us to be creative, explore new worlds, and learn about ourselves. Today we're inviting your family to think about the importance of education and celebrating a love for learning. Check out this interview about how one librarian helped a young learner discover her love of reading and writing.

Educating ourselves through reading is a vital part of building strong, informed, and active communities. Educators, whether the author of a book, an art teacher, or a camp counselor, help us engage in our worlds through learning. Now more than ever, educators and the knowledge they share, play a vital role in keeping our communities connected.

This video was produced by  StoryCorps , an audio recording organization dedicated to preserving and sharing humanity's stories in order build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. We love their inspiring work!
Let's Talk
After watching the StoryCorps interview, use the questions below to kick-start a thoughtful conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the interview between Richelet, Abigail, and Hasina? Can you relate to their story?

  • Do you have a favorite book? Why is that story important to you?

  • Who is the superhero of your education? Do you have a teacher, mentor, or educator in your life who has helped you on your journey?

  • Bonus! Thank a teacher, mentor, or other educator who inspired you to be creative in your life!

Do Something
It's Story Time!
Ready, set, read! Snuggling up with a good book gives us the space to have fun with new characters, study our history, and learn from each other. Every Monday, Michele Obama is partnering with PBS Kids to read your favorite children's book! Check out her first Monday with Michelle and stay tuned for more fun reads to enjoy as a family.

Did Michelle's read along leave you wanting more? Join families from across the city for Live From the Library , Chicago Public Library's daily 10am story time. Don't miss special guests like Jane Lynch and Israel Idonije reading your story time favorites!
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Community Connections
Chicago Youth Read Along
What's your favorite book? Help other Chicago area kids on their reading journey! Reading as a community allows us to share stories and inspires a love for reading. Pick out your favorite children's book to share with kids who are learning how to read.

Record yourself reading your book and send the video our way. We'll share your Read Along Video with our partners working in early childhood education as an online resource. Your Read Alongs provide fun stories to listen to while at home and help to inspire other kids like you as they learn how to read.

Multi-lingual readers welcome. If you read in multiple languages, read your favorite book in the language of your choice. There are kids learning to read in hundreds of different languages across the city!

Please send all videos to by Friday May 1st!
Hive Reminders:
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