September 16, 2020 | 27 Elul 5780
Day 28
It’s Day 28 of #30DaysOfLearning. Worried about the election? Richard Friedman reminds us of the most important leader of all… God!
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Up next:  OKC Member Rabbi Risa Weinstein reminds us that the shofar is more than just a wake up call. It's a voice when we can't articulate our feelings.

If you're looking for a study opportunity that's different, challenging, and short, check out these 5 Hebrew-text-based classes with OKC's regular "Jews for Exegesis" teacher. Scheduled during Sukkot, you’ll get to know the S'fat Emet. Come to just one or come to all 5!

Let’s discover our connection points to one another! We will ask you to share fun facts about yourself, offer personal reflections, and engage in interesting conversation points. For each of these thirty days, we will introduce one new topic a day. Today’s topic: 

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Ever wonder what happened to that amazing Kid President? (Spoiler alert: He’s mostly grown up now.) Here’s a throw back to a great explanation about how to change the world. Share it with your kids and see what they think needs to happen to start to have an impact.
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