Get Inspired
The Sanders Family
Day 29: Kindred connections. Today, we invite you to explore how families can inspire the world with love and compassion. Check out the video on the Sanders Family and learn about how their love embraces and celebrates differences in their big family.

Our families are the root of our values, our perspectives, and our voice. Becoming an engaged and caring citizen starts at home. Take some time today to reflect on what makes your family unique. Discover how your family's story shapes your worldview and inspires your everyday actions.
Let's Talk
After watching the video about the Sanders Family, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the Sanders Family video? What made you smile?

  • In the video, Mr. Sanders notes that love has no boundaries. What does that mean to you? Why is it important to love despite differences?

  • How does your family divide household responsibilities while you shelter at home? How can you share responsibilities better?

  • Bonus! Bring cheer to your chores. Think of ways to have fun while cooking or cleaning together.

Do Something
Family Crest
What defines your family? Come together to make a crest highlighting your family's passions, traditions, and favorite pastimes.

Take some time to reflect. What makes your family unique? What brings your family joy? What values are important to your family? Get creative while you collaborate! Use markers, paints, collage, pictures and more to make art that represents your family.

Share your crest with other families in the Honeycomb Hive by posting to social media with #honeycombathome and #thehoneycombproject
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Community Connections
In This Together
Share your experience with the Chicago History Museum. We are all living in an important era of human history. To capture the journeys of Chicagoans during these uncertain times, the Chicago History Museum has started the In This Together initiative. In This Together is a community based initiative to collect digital public records that document personal experiences during the COVID19 pandemic.

Your family's experience can help teach generations in the future. Capturing the stories of families is an important part of documenting history. The museum is collecting journal entries, audio/visual recordings, pictures, emails and more. To share your story, go to the In This Together submission page for tips on documenting your family's experience.

Need some inspiration? Check out the exhibit on the Chicago History Museum website . You can view a story map, time line, and individual accounts of people across the city sharing their stories.

Our friends at Small Forces are nominated for a Webby Award! Small Forces is a creative impact studio here in Chicago dedicated to amplifying the work of purpose-driven organizations through cinematic storytelling. If you've loved the Small Forces videos featured in Honeycomb at Home, please vote here to help them win a Webby Award for Public Service and Activism.

New Honeycomb Pins!
We have a NEW  Honeycomb at Home  pin to add to your collection! After you complete 5 activities,  contact us  with your address and pictures of your work. We'll send your pin straight to your door! Share your work on social media and tag #honeycombathome and #thehoneycombproject
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