30 Days of Prayer for Nazareth Baptist School                                             Issue No. 29


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DAY 29 






2 Timothy 1:7; Genesis 39:2, 3, 23


Each one of us passes through this life with periods of frustration and failure. Some unfortunately surrender to the authority of the spirit of failure while others have converted the failure and frustration into a platform on which to fly in the space of success. They consider "the failure" an opportunity and a lesson towards progress and success.


This is what Paul did in the encouragement he provided to Timothy. He proclaimed the Biblical truth that God did not give us the spirit of failure, therefore there is no place for failure and shame with God.


God gives us the spirit of success and provides an example to us through the life of Joseph.


Joseph was:


1.  A dreamer and a positive thinker of a shining future.


2.  A person who was motivated.


3.  A trustworthy person. He was faithful in all his actions and disciplined in his behavior.


4.  A person with a loving heart. One who responded to his brother's personal assaults with goodness and kindness.


5.  A wise and insightful person

Life teaches us that the weak larva that crawls on the ground becomes a beautiful butterfly that flies in the air after it passes through the stage of pain in its cocoon. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric lamp and of numerous other inventions, failed hundreds of times in his attempts to invent the electric lamp. Each mistake led him closer to the solution. Success involves navigating the ups and downs of life and situations.




As believing educators we believe that the Lord has a wonderful plan for the life of every student. Therefore it is our challenge to lead the students down pathways that will help them attain Godly success in life.


Aziz Daeem 

Principal of St. John School in Haifa

Head of Evangelical Convention of Churches in Israel

NBS Board Member

September 29, 2011


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DAY 29




1.    Pray that the faculty will walk in the way of righteousness.


2.    Pray that the faculty will equip the students for life's ups and downs.


 3.   Pray that the faculty will help each student be her or his best for the Lord Jesus Christ.



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FON exists to serve the Nazareth Baptist School, a day school started by Southern Baptists in 1936 in our Lord's hometown. As one of the top rated schools by the Ministry of Education, it is the only K-12 evangelical school in Israel.


Our goal is to help the Nazareth Baptist School maintain its high credentials and provide Christian education to a greater number of Arab students from both Christian and Muslim families. To do this it is necessary to relocate the school.


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