2509 Hayes Ave.
A new chapter for an iconic site
The U.S. economy is no stranger to change. There are downswings, but also upswings as one industry wanes and another emerges to take its place. In our own community, 2509 Hayes Ave. is a salient example. After seventy years of automotive bearings manufacturing in the Sandusky area, corporate consolidation halted business at this 1.3 million square foot plant in 2015. Thanks to the experienced development team at Avgeris & Associates and Franklin Partners, however, a new vision for the site has surfaced. 

Avgeris and Franklin Partners are a niche development team with a passion for challenging the status quo and bringing new life to underutilized assets. Quality and innovation are the company values that led them to the real estate business and sustain the companies’ successes. The firms have renovated and reoccupied over 40 million square feet of industrial facilities, not to mention extensive portfolios in mixed-use buildings and sites. The investment strategy has always been focused on value-add opportunities – acquiring sites that require a creative team to bring to life potential yet uncovered.  
Site at its 1950 Open Day
This nimble perspective, guided by decades of experience, is what’s behind the newly announced vision for the dormant 2509 Hayes Ave. site. An aggressive $20 million redevelopment plan will demolish functionally obsolete portions of the old 1.3 million square feet structure, including large office buildings, accessory buildings, and low bay manufacturing areas; modernize lighting, heating, roofing and fire protection to increase energy efficiency of the spaces; make cosmetic improvements with fresh paint and extensive cleaning; and tackle necessary environmental remediation of the 130 acre site.
Fast Facts
  • An aggressive $20 million redevelopment plan creates two independent manufacturing facilities at 575k SF and 300k SF
  • An electric system with 80 megawatts of power, with room to expand, set to attract powerful users
  • 1 megawatt is equivalent to the energy produced by 10 automobiles
  • $1.6 Billion GRP makes manufacturing the largest industry in Erie County with industry employment projected to grow 5% in the next 10 years
At conclusion in 2021, 2509 Hayes Ave. will be home to two independent modern flexible manufacturing facilities of 575,000 square feet and 300,000 square feet, supported by 80 megawatts of fully redundant power, a designated truck court, and room for expansion with at least thirty buildable acres of land. The facilities will be well suited for technology and advanced manufacturing firms, capitalizing on the steady growth of diversified manufacturing in Erie County.
As manufacturing efficiency has drastically improved with technology and automation, U.S. plant closures have become an unfortunate repercussion. Data from the Center for Automotive Research tracks 267 U.S. plant closures over the last forty years with half of these facilities remaining permanently closed and others never again realizing their employment potential. Recognizing significant challenge, but also significant opportunity for our region, local leaders are leaning into a transformation that will leave 2509 Hayes better positioned as an employment hub of the future. The Avgeris and Franklin Partners team credits staff at Erie County, JobsOhio, Perkins Local Schools, Perkins Township, Sandusky, and Team Northeast Ohio for their reception and engagement in building for the next generations at this site.
With 2021 targeted open day, site preparation and clean up has already begun
Before* Site Conditions in 2015
Did You Know?
ECEDC maintains a database of 200+ commercial and industrial properties in north central Ohio. It's one of the tools we use in "site selection" - the process of matching business needs and site owners and understanding and addressing real estate gaps in our market. Visit our website for more high potential sites like 2509 Hayes Ave.
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