Chop Drop
A Healthy Alternative
A new local business is looking to change our options in the grab and go food market. Chop Drop is a healthy prepared meal option that consumers can pick up and eat on the go, replacing the alternative unhealthy options we are all so accustomed to.

Chop Drop offers two types of meals: "Grain Bowls", which are rice or pasta-based, and "Green Bowls" or salads. Each meal has various protein options, including vegetarian choices, and most are gluten-free. Fresh & convenient is the name of the game, with Chop Drop rotating its menu daily at four local grab-and-go locations.

Fried Rice Bowl with Yum Yum Sauce
Bill and Adam
Signature Kale Bowl
Chop Drop was officially launched in January of 2021 by Bill Murray and Adam Machoukas, after a period of intense consumer exploration and testing. In the fall of 2020, Bill and Adam set up a pilot program testing 12 different bowls with various audiences. This feedback guided the launch of a handful of bowls in 2021. This approach of design, test, learn, improve – “the lean startup method” – has been the cornerstone of Chop Drop’s creation and business growth.

A few key learnings have helped these entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls of the competitive food service industry. By focusing exclusively on high selling bowls, Chop Drop was able to keep their startup cost low and cycle through inventory at a quicker rate. They also found a unique cost-effective solution to the production of their bowls. Rather than purchase and sustain a commercial kitchen, they partnered with a well-known catering company, Mesenburg Creative Catering, for the production process of all their bowls. They’ve also been laser focused on distribution channels, meticulously tracking the sales of their products at various locations to focus solely on locations that have a high enough volume of sales to ensure none of their products go to waste.

The Lean Startup method has paid off for Chop Drop. In just 12 months, the company’s grown to selling over 1,000 bowls a week. Chop Drop can be found at Sheri’s Coffee in Norwalk, BoomTown Coffee in Sandusky, River + Road Marketplace, and at Bowling Green State University Main Campus. For the smart consumer, thinking ahead of their busy week, bowls can also be pre-ordered online at a discounted rate to pick up at these locations.

Bill & Adam have a passion for food. They believe everyone wants to eat healthier, but also know nutritious meals are time-consuming to prepare. Chop Drop was created to make the choice easier and more affordable.
Fast Facts
  • Approx. 300 fresh, nutritious prepared meals made daily
  • Unique recipes from numerous cuisines with ingredients locally sourced from Chef's Garden when available.
  • Eco-friendly shipping materials. containers, and lids
  • Grab a bowl at Sheri's, BoomTown, River + Road or even Bowling Green State University Main Campus
Did You Know?
Chop Drops' success is due in part to the network of individuals and business associates willing to collaborate on this startup. Chop Drop has partnered with many local businesses and built relationships that have led to more opportunities. RISE serves as a trusted advisor for people looking to build those types of relationships, helping you to take a side hustle and a vision to a profitable venture. Contact us to learn more or meet with RISE today.
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