3rd Day of Christmas
December 27

St. Stephen
By: Fr. Sampson Kasapakis
Devotional Readings
Get out your Orthodox Study Bible.
Acts: 6:1-14 (OSB p. 1478)

Family Activity
Make a Kindness Rock
Why throw stones that hurt, when you can make a Kindness Rock instead? Go for a walk at your favorite park and find rocks that you can decorate with paint. When you come home, wash the rocks and let them dry. Take out some paint (nail polish works), markers, glue, bedazzles and decorate the rock. With a Sharpie, write a bible verse, words of encouragement, a word about your faith on your rock. Feel free to keep it, OR go back to the park and put the rock back for someone to find.

Family Questions
  1. St Stephen was chosen as one of the seven because he was a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. How can we be full of faith as was Stephen, the first martyr? How does this inspire us to serve? 
  2. The people who were angry at St. Stephen started spreading lies about him to make sure others were also be angry at him. Have you ever done that to someone else? If someone did that to you, how would that make you feel? Even if we do not agree with someone, how should we react? 
  3. We heard as Christianity grew among the people of Jerusalem, people became obedient to the faith. How can we be obedient to our faith? When are we obedient in life?
Fun Fact!
Did you know that there is only one church named after St. Stephen in the entire Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America? It is St. Stefanos Greek Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, Florida!

Xronia Polla to our St. Stephen's Camp Family!