Saturday, Sept. 8 | 10:30 am | Art Theatre

4-time Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally has had a critical impact on American culture, but he's always carefully guarded his privacy . . . until now. EVERY ACT OF LIFE is an intimate and revealing documentary about Terrence's five groundbreaking decades in the theatre, the fight for LGBTQ rights, triumph over addiction, the pursuit of love and inspiration at every age, and the power of the arts to transform society.

Post Screening Filmmaker Q&A With:
Executive Producer: Suzi Dietz

Saturday, Sept. 8 | 12:45pm | Art Theatre

A docu-series portraying LGBT immigrants and asylum seekers in Los Angeles. For over a year and a half, our team of filmmakers from 6 countries filmed Brandon, Stacy, and Elaheh. Each doc is a separate film and tells a unique story: Stacy, from El Salvador, at the midnight beauty pageant in Hollywood, Elaheh, from Iran, at the bodybuilding competition, and Brandon, from China, alone at the Library where he studies to pass the California bar exam. The resulting web series assembles the stories of these three remarkable individuals to make a powerful and passionate declaration for both America & foreign born, straight & LGBT audiences.

Post Screening Filmmaker Q&A With:
Director: Abie Troen; P roducers: Marc Mounier and Xin Li

Saturday, Sept. 8 | 2:45 pm | Art Theatre

The Queer & Trans Shorts program showcases narratives within the LGBTQ community often underrepresented within the mainstream. With a wide variety of comedy, drama, and documentary shorts, the series is sure to contain something for everyone.

Post Screening Filmmaker Q&A With:
Familia- Directors Kase Pena & Marlene Forte 
New Deep South- Directors: Lauren Cioffi & Rosie Haber

Saturday, Sept. 8 | 5:00 pm | Art Theatre

MAN MADE takes us into the heart of transgender male (FTM) culture, revealing unexpected truths about gender, masculinity, humanity and love. Four trans men (who like the film's director were born and raised female), take a variety of life paths toward stepping on stage at Trans FitCon, the only all-transgender bodybuilding competition in the world (held in Atlanta, GA). MAN MADE is a character-driven, intimate, and riveting verité-style competition film, but also a unique social justice narrative. It speaks to the ways in which we all choose to define and reshape ourselves, both figuratively and literally.

Post Screening Filmmaker Q&A With:
Filmmaker & Subject: Mason Caminiti

Saturday, Sept. 8 | 7:30pm | Art Theatre

Océanerosemarie is full of life, and of friends but mainly of ex-girlfriends, 76 to be exact...but who's counting! Things change when she meets Cécile, the this-time-it's-for-real woman of her dreams! It is time for Océanerosemarie to grow up in order to succeed in winning her heart. But given her track record, will it even be possible? A true romantic comedy with equal parts romance and comedy Kiss Me shows us that while you don't need a Cecile in your life, it certainly is special when you do.

Saturday, Sept. 8 | 9:15pm | Art Theatre

On the 10th anniversary of his dad's death, Joris still tries to come to terms with his father's absence when he meets the free-spirited Yad, who returns back home to his family after living on his own. Although very different, there is an instant spark between the two and they want to be more than "just friends", but both have issues with their mothers that threaten to jeopardize their relationship.