Get Inspired
A Soldier Suffering From PTSD and Finding a Home in Fashion
Day 30: Veteran visibility. For returning veterans, adjusting back to civilian life can be challenging in more ways than one. Today, we're asking your family to think about the power communities hold to support veterans during this challenging time. Check out this interview about a veteran returning to life at home and his new found passion for fashion.

We all need community support, outlets of creativity, and moments of self-care to nurture our minds and mental health. Showing community care and providing these resources to veterans is a vital part of supporting them, especially during these difficult times.

This video was produced by  StoryCorps , an audio recording organization dedicated to preserving and sharing humanity's stories in order build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. We love their inspiring work!
Let's Talk
After listening to Duane's story, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What did you find interesting about Duane's story?

  • Duane's wife Jamie helped Duane through his journey with PTSD. How can you support your family and friends in taking care of their mental health?

  • Do you have a hobby that helps you when you are feeling sad or stressed out? What about it makes you feel better?

  • Bonus! Call a veteran you know to check in on them during their time at home. Be sure to share your gratitude for their service!

Do Something
Find Your Peace
Finding your peace. Identifying what grounds us is an important tool for when we are experiencing stress or anxiety. Today, we're asking you to be intentional about finding moments of peace in every day.

It's time for a mindfulness challenge ! Find a cozy spot in your house and quietly relax. Take a few deep breaths and pay attention to your five senses. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? Noticing your senses allows you to focus on the present moment and check in with yourself before you continue on with your day. Jot down your observations in a notebook and discuss your findings with your family.
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Community Connections
Make Cards for Veterans
Operation Gratitude is an organization dedicated to supporting military, veterans, and first responders through volunteer service work. During these challenging times, Operation Gratitude needs your help to deliver 50,000 care packages, donations and letters to COVID-19 responders. You can support this effort by writing thank you letters to spread our gratitude and support these heroes right from home.

Show care and appreciation. Veterans, active service members, and first responders dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe. In your letter be sure to express your thanks and make it personal! Talk about what you admire most about people who serve our country. Share a little about yourself - what's your favorite sports team? What hobby to you enjoy? Refrain from talking about politics, war, or religion and keep your letter positive. Find additional guidelines here.

All letters can be sent to the following address:
Operation Gratitude
9409 Owensmouth Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
ATTN: Item Donations

Please wear gloves, a mask, and maintain social distance when mailing your letters.

Our friends at StoryCorps are hosting a live event today from 2:00 - 3:30pm. Join for the first ever Chicago based virtual listening event: Stories to Lift Your Spirits.

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