Legislative Day 31
Not much movement on Education bills since Crossover Day. Currently, a Senate Education Committee hearing is taking place to discuss HB 338 (Plan B/low-performing schools) and HB 149 (financial transparency.)

HB 198: Flu Vaccine.  In Senate Education.  Requires local districts to provide info re the influenza vaccine.

HB 237:  Public Education Innovation Fund Foundation. Tabled in Senate Finance subcommittee last week due to Constitutionality. 

HB 273: Recess In Senate Education Requiring each local board to schedule a daily recess for students in grades K-5 of at least 30 minutes of supervised, unstructured activity time, preferably outdoors beginning with the 2017-18 school year.  Local boards shall also establish policies to ensure recess is a safe experience, provides a break in academic learning, and that recess is not used as a punishment. 

HB 280: Campus Carry.  Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee. Would allow permit-holding Georgians, age 21 and up, to carry weapons on college campuses.  The bill exempts  athletic facilities and student housing.  This year's version adds an exemption for preschool space but "shall not apply if (the campus) has more than one building on the campus housing preschool space."

HB 425: Student Assessments with pen and paper/opt out of electronic.  In Senate Education. 

HB 458: Put Speed Cameras in School Zones. In Senate Government Oversight Committee. 

SB 3Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training (CONNECT) Act
Passed Senate, In House Education Committee.  To provide for industry credentialing for students who complete certain focused programs of study.

SB 16: Low THC Oil 
In House Judiciary Non-Civil. Changes the definition of "low" to 3% instead of 5%. Relating to the regulation of low THC oil and the establishment of the Low THC Oil Patient Registry, add autism to the list of disorders it can be used to treat. 

SB 29: Require testing for lead contamination in child care learning centers 
In House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. 

SB 30Sustainable Community School Operational Grants
SB 30 is a community-driven plan for underachieving schools based on research from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. Assigned to House Education. 

SB 139, on creating a leadership pathway, also authorizes school districts, charter schools, and career academies to develop and submit additional pathways to the State Board. Assigned to House Education

SB 149: GA Peace Officers. Standards and code of conduct for school peace officers. Passed 50 to 1. In House Public Safety Committee. 

SB 152: Alternative Education No More Than Two Semesters. In House Education.

SB 211: Research-based assessments.  In House Education.

SR 192: Constitutional amendment to allow local legislation to call for a referendum to change the local governance structure to an elected school superintendent and a local board appointed by a grand jury.  In House Education.

On February 22, 2017 --
Kelly Henson, Executive Secretary of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission spoke at Pioneer RESA Day with GAPSC
Click here to read her full remarks. 

Topics include the Teacher Shortage, ESSA, UnSATs reporting, and Professional Learning Reform. 
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