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I Am Abel Foundation
Day 31: Healing with hope. Diverse representation in the medical field is a vital part of ensuring patients voices are heard and youth have the inspiration to follow their dreams. Today we're asking your family to reflect on all that medical professionals do to keep our communities safe and healthy. Check out this video about the I Am Abel Foundation and the work they are doing to help Chicago students follow their passion for careers in medicine.

Medical professionals are keeping our communities safe and connected in more ways than one. While they are hard at work, it's important for us to support them and the people they serve as a community.
Let's Talk
After watching the video about the I Am Abel Foundation, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the work and message of I Am Abel?

  • Why is it important to have diverse representation in the medical field?

  • What makes you feel better when you are not feeling well? How have others helped to care for you?

  • Bonus! Thank a health care worker in your life today! Send them a text, a sweet note, or see how your family can participate in a community Thank You Video in the Hive Reminder below.

Do Something
Scavenger Hunt
Move your body! Staying active is an important way to support your health while we stay at home. On your daily walk, complete the Honeycomb at Home Scavenger Hunt. What can you find on your walk around your neighborhood?

Get some fresh air. The outdoors help to keep us healthy physically and mentally. Take care of yourself and others by wearing a mask, gloves, and maintaining social distance while outside.

Take a picture while you're on your walk and tag us at #honeycombathome or @honeycombproject
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Community Connection
Together with Technology
We're inspired! Chicago-based medical professional, Dr. Valerie Mayuga is helping COVID patients stay connected to their families. To keep everyone safe, families are often not able to visit their loved ones while they're being treated and many patients don't have technology with them to stay in touch. Dr. Mayuga is collecting gently used ipads and other tablets to keep families connected during this difficult time.

Before donating, please be sure that your device is working, cleared of all saved files, and has a charger.

All donations can be sent via mail to:
Dr. Valerie Mayuga
222 E Pearson St
Chicago IL 60611

Donated devices will be distributed to Thorek Memorial Hospital in Buena Park, Amita St. Mary's and Elizabeth Medical Center in Wicker Park, and Norwegian American Hospital in Humboldt Park. Read more about Dr Mayuga's amazing work here.
Hive Reminders:
Help thank healthcare workers! We're creating a compilation video of Honeycomb families thanking healthcare workers for all they are doing to keep our communities safe. Check out the Do Something section of  Day 18  for more information. Send your thank you video to  to join the movement!

Funders & Supporters
The Honeycomb Project engages, mobilizes and inspires kids and their families to build strong and vibrant communities for all Chicagoans. Since 2011, more than 25,000 volunteers have participated in Honeycomb programs benefitting 40+ local organizations.