Get Inspired
The Art of Beatboxing
Day 31: We are family! Sharing your passions is a great way to express yourself, explore your creativity, and learn something new. Today we're inviting your family to think about the importance of sharing your passions with loved ones. Check out this video about a father-daughter beatboxing duo and how sharing their passion built strong family bonds.

We all have talents to share. Showing family and friends your talents and passions is an important part of having fun together, showing vulnerability, and building connections. Your passions are important - share them with the world!
Let's Talk
After watching the video The Art of Beatboxing, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What inspired you about Nicole and Ed's story? What made you smile?

  • Do you have a talent or passion? Did someone teach you or did you teach yourself?

  • Why is it important to share your passions with loved ones? When was the last time you shared your talent with someone you love?

  • Bonus! Ask someone to show you their passion, talent, or favorite hobby! You might learn something new!
Do Something
Kids Teach Parents Takeover
Kids know best! Sharing your talents and hobbies is a fun way to build family connections. Today, we challenge all Honeycomb kids to teach your parents about your talents.

What's your favorite hobby or skill? Take some time today to teach your parents or caregiver how to do what you do best! Do you love to make art? Play sports? Play video games? Or create music? Show off your talents and share your passions with the whole family.

Take a picture of your family learning your favorite skill and tag us at #honeycombathome or @honeycombproject
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Community Connection
Families Helping Families
Baby supplies needed! Our friends at La Casa Norte are working hard to support new families who are experiencing housing insecurity. Essential items like diapers and wipes, are expensive and many families are in need of community support.

Try to limit unnecessary trips. If you're out grocery shopping for your own family, consider picking up some extra diapers and wipes for families in need. La Casa Norte is in need of diapers sized 2-5 but especially 4-5.

Items can be dropped off contact-free at La Casa Norte's Main Office, between 9-5pm at 3533 W North Ave or contact them at or 773-276-4900 x 212 to schedule a pick up.

Please wear a mask, gloves, and maintain social distance when shopping and dropping off donations. If you or a family member are not feeling well, please refrain from donating at this time.
Hive Reminders:
Tomorrow night at 5:30pm tune in to our Youtube Channel for another installation of We All Live Here Wednesday! Hear the stories of local Chicago artists and learn about artistic techniques that you can use at home. Did you miss last weeks video?

Funders & Supporters
The Honeycomb Project engages, mobilizes and inspires kids and their families to build strong and vibrant communities for all Chicagoans. Since 2011, more than 25,000 volunteers have participated in Honeycomb programs benefitting 40+ local organizations.