Day 35 of the Feast
Dear One,

You don’t need to be particularly religious to make prayer a part of your daily practice. For me prayer is a practice of attention, one which opens my heart to love and a divine communion with the field of love. In the back of one of my favorite books by Don Miguel Ruiz, the Four Agreements, there are some prayers. This is one of them I'd like to share with you:

Today, Creator of the Universe, we ask that you come to us and share with us a strong communion of love. We know that your real name is Love, that to have a communion with you means to share the same vibration, the same frequency that you are, because you are the only thing that exists in the universe.

Help us to love everything you create unconditionally, especially other human beings, especially those who live around us – all our relatives and people whom we try to so hard to love. Because when we reject them, we reject ourselves, and when we reject ourselves, we reject you.

Help us to love others just the way they are with no conditions. Help us to accept them the way they are, without judgment, because if we judge them, we find them guilty, we blame them, and we have the need to punish them.

Today, clean our hearts of any emotional poison that we have, free our minds from any judgment so that we can lie incomplete peace and complete love.

Today is a very special day. Today we open our hearts to love again so that we can tell each other “I love you,” without fear, and really mean it. Today, we offer ourselves to you. Come to us, use our voices, use our eyes, use our hands, and use our hearts to share ourselves in communion of love with everyone. Today, Creator, help us to be just like you are. Thank you for everything that we receive this day, especially for the freedom to be who we are. Amen.
I offer a heartfelt thank you to you who generously donated to keep the Feast solvent.

Melinda Bernstein, Carolyn Bonier, Susan Friendson, Ed Lehner, Holly Carnes, Anne Vaccaro, Karen Vanderbrook, Kathleen Murray, Judi Henry, Nancy Groh, Don Hansen, Debora Goldstein, Carolyn Fergoda, Wende Birtch, Donna Deal, Deborah Ludwig, Anne Sussman @ Mindfulness Meeting Place, Dessa Hix, Julie Leavitt, Marygene Smith, Karen Gurley, Julie Sanders, Judith Last, Maryann Ness, Julie Sachse @ SAX Meditation, Kimberly Esteran, Lauren Long, Ada Sillemina Sluiter, Judith Dearborn, Ineke Niessen, Victoria Nelson, and James Braatz.

Thank you for putting your spirituality first during this time of deep practice. I am practicing with you.

Love, Sarah

Sarah McLean
Director, Feast for the Soul, Inc.
Sedona, Arizona

P.S. If you feel moved to donate to keep the Feast alive, we would appreciate any amount. You can do so here.
Meditation Teacher Highlight
Sofia Virginia McGuire  has studied and taught meditation for over 30 years and has found it so beneficial as a part of her daily life to enhance balance for self, family, community and living. She is an artist and author, and teaches at retreats and gatherings. She is an initiate and reverend in the Inayati Order, which has an universal approach and is inclusive. Her meditation is a beautiful journey.

Spiritual Practice Tip
Ra Ma Da Sa sung by Snatam Kaur

Close your eyes, and sit with this beautiful chant. It is a prayer composed in the Sikh language of Gurbani. It is a healing mantra you can use on yourself or direct toward any one you feel is in need of healing.

Ra - Sun
Ma - Moon
Daa - Earth
Saa - Impersonal Infinity
Saa Say - Totality of Infinity
So - Personal sense of merger and identity.
Hung - The infinite, vibrating and real.
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