Get Inspired
Reclaiming Native American Art
Day 38: Express yourself. Art is an expression of who you are. We're inviting your family to think about how you use art to express yourselves and the power art has to bring people together. Check out this video about Native American artists and how art fortifies their cultures.

Art is a creative way to explore your identity and your culture. From wool blankets to patterned earrings the art celebrated at Eighth Generation is honoring Native American artists and the beautiful work they create to express and share their cultures. Today, we're celebrating the work artists do to preserve and create culture through creativity.
Let's Talk
After watching the video, Reclaiming Native American Art, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What did you find interesting about Eighth Generation's mission?

  • In the video, Louie Gong talks about supporting Native artists. Why is it important to honor culture and tradition through art?

  • How do you express your identity or culture creatively? Do you cook? Create art? Listen to music?

  • Bonus! Ask someone in your family how they like to be creative. If you're lucky, they might teach you a new skill!

Do Something
Create a Family Sculpture
Reimagine your family through art. What does your family like to do together? What stands out to you when you think of your family? Capture those images and feelings in a family sculpture!

Let's get creative! Check out this Family Sculpture Prompt from the Whitney Museum of American Art to inspire you to the capture the heart of your family using meaningful objects and imagery.

Need some inspiration? Louise Bourgeois, an immigrant from France, created the sculpture above to honor her family's tapestry repair business. Each sewing needle represents a family member back home in France.

Take a picture of your sculpture and tag us at #honeycombathome or @honeycombproject
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Community Connection
Chicago Artists Coloring Book
Get creative with Chicago's finest!  In the first weeks of the stay at home order, over 20 Chicago artists came together with our friends at We All Live Here to create a Chicago themed coloring book to celebrate our city and give us all something to do at home.

The Chicago Artists Coloring Book  was created because art has the power to bring us together, even when we're apart. Check out some of these awesome designs by local artists, relax, and let the creative juices flow!

When you finish a page, tag @wealllivehere and @honeycombproject and we'll share your artwork with the Hive!
Funders & Supporters
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