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Day 39: A Quick Hop Out to the "City of Angels"
Destination:   Los Angeles, California, USA
     Los Angeles, or the "City of Angels" is often known by its initials L.A. and is the largest city in California. With an estimated population of nearly four million people, it is the country's second most populous city after New York City. 

   Los Angeles is known for its ethnic diversity, Hollywood entertainment industry and its Mediterranean climate. July is the hottest month and the coldest is January; the temperature is rarely below 42°F or above 93°F. L.A.'s western edge is the Pacific Ocean and the best month to swim in the ocean is in September when the water temperature averages 68°F.
Map LosAngelesCA
Fun Facts:   
    Los Angeles' first name was "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Porciúncula " which translates to, "The Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River." The city's name officially changed to Los Angeles in 1850.
Also: The motion picture industry began in Los Angeles when filmmakers wanted to get away from Thomas Edison who lived in New Jersey and held most of the country's film patents. They fled westward to avoid Edison's intellectual property claims.

Art Form: Danny K Handbags
....The most beautiful fabrics....
            ....meticulously hand cut and sewn....
                        .... Into the perfect sizes and shapes.... 
DAN SugareeBuddha

   The fabric in each Danny K handbag is carefully selected for its distinctive design and durability then individually hand cut to highlight the beauty of the tapestry and style of the bag to be sewn.

DAN Sudarat Sister
   Meet Sudarat, one of Danny's sisters and creator of many of the handbags. Her love for what she does is seen in every piece she creates.

   All Danny K handbags feature beautifully woven tapestry fabric and their signature copper-colored water-resistant nylon lining. The bags are constructed with heavy duty nylon thread and finished with edge binding on all exposed seams. They use indestructible  nylon cord or straps, zippers and custom buckles with steel rivets. No animal products are used in the making of Danny K bags.

DannyK notions
   Danny always has some new idea he is working on and existing designs are constantly re-examined for the possibility of further improvement.

The Company:   Danny K  
    Born in Bangkok, Thailand into a family of shoemakers, Danny Kong worked as a shoe designer in the family business while attending college. After graduating with a degree in accounting, Kong immigrated to the United States and soon began working with a large interior design firm in Los Angeles, California.
   At work one afternoon Danny was given a sample of beautiful Italian tapestry from a nearby showroom. He took the fabric home and, using the skills he had learned as a young man, came up with a simple but beautiful tapestry tote bag. "I felt so happy," Danny reports, "to be back at work doing something I love." The following weekend he hung the bag in a friend's booth at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. That first bag sold quickly and soon Kong had a booth of his own with a steadily growing following of loyal customers.

Danny K

   Adding to his early experience making shoes, Danny sought additional training in pattern making and design. He  has established a reputation for handcrafting the highest quality handbags. "Learning new techniques and experimenting with new designs is an important part of my business," says Danny.
   In May 1994 they started out as a small family business. They are proud to say, "after lots of growth and changes and hard work, we are now a really busy small family business!"
DannyK and Justin
    Meet Danny and Justin. On the left is Danny, the mastermind behind the beautiful designs. On the right is Justin, the "finder" of all the beautiful fabrics and top quality hardware that makes a Danny K. handbag.
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DAN comp pic

Danny K bags come in all shapes, sizes and prints,
from cell phone bags to larger totes.
All are full of wonderful pockets and adjustable straps.

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Where to next? Stay tuned!

   Today as I head to our store I'll sling my  Danny K bag over my shoulder. As usual it will be full of too many things, but I'll
DAN Nina JadeBag
know exactly what pocket holds my cell 
phone, which has my keys, where my sunglasses are tucked and even which inside pocket holds my store reward mini-cards. My collection of Danny K bags has included a tote that was my briefcase, a backpack that doubles as a purse, my current crossbody purse, and also a matching cell phone bag that's my go-to when all I need is my cell phone, an ID, credit card and sunglasses. So easy and why we enjoy Danny K bags.          (Nina enjoying a bright Jade
                                                                                 Danny K bag on a cloudy day.)
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