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The Best Home-Cooked Meals From Grandmas Around the World
Day 39: You're part of a multigenerational movement! At any stage of our lives, we have a lot to learn from other generations. Today, we're inviting your family to explore the importance of multigenerational connections. Check out this video about five different families from around the world and the recipes that Grandmas love to share with their grandkids.

People of all ages have important views, skills, and passions to share with the world. It's important for us to foster relationships with people of all ages. From toddlers to grandparents, we have a lot to learn, and a lot to share with people who are older and younger than us!
Let's Talk
After watching the video, The Best Home-cooked Meals From Grandmas, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the families in this video? What made you smile?

  • In the video, many of the grandmas talk about how food brings family together. What activity do you do with your family that brings you together now?

  • What's your favorite meal to cook with your family? Ask a grandparent, cousin or aunt/uncle to share their favorite recipe with you.

  • Bonus! Cook with your extended family near and far. Set up a video call and share a recipe that you can all make while hanging out virtually.

Do Something
Capture Your Family Story
Share your family's experience with the Chicago History Museum.  To capture the journeys of Chicagoans during these uncertain times, the Chicago History Museum has started the  In This Together  initiative. In This Together is a community based initiative to collect digital public records that document personal experiences during the COVID19 pandemic. Share your story with other Chicagoans to document this important time in history.

Your family's experience can help teach generations in the future.  Capturing the stories of families is an important part of documenting history. The museum is collecting journal entries, audio/visual recordings, pictures, emails and more. To share your story, go to the  In This Together submission page  for tips on documenting your family's experience.

Need some inspiration?  Check out the exhibit on the  Chicago History Museum website  . You can view a story map, time line, and individual accounts of people across the city sharing their stories.
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Community Connection
Support New Moms
Support Chicago families. New Moms is an organization dedicated to supporting new moms experiencing poverty, so that they have the tools they need to grow healthy happy families. New Moms is currently supporting families in their 58 apartments and they need your help to keep these Chicago families happy and healthy!

Try to limit unnecessary trips.  If you're out grocery shopping for your own family, consider picking up some extra baby supplies and food. New Moms is in need of nonperishable food items and household family supplies. Check out their wish list of most needed baby items here.

Donations can be mailed to or dropped off at 5317 W Chicago Ave. If you are dropping donations off in person, please call Pamela at 312-524-2926. When you arrive, ring the door bell and drop the items off at the front desk. Donations should be tagged with your name and email address.

Please wear a mask, gloves, and maintain social distance when shopping and dropping off donations. If you or a family member are not feeling well, please refrain from donating at this time.
Chef Du Jour
Project Leader, Kim, learned this recipe using zucchinis from her grandparents' garden as a kid. Check out the original recipe from Kim's Granny typed on a typewriter and index card. Kim makes this nostalgic recipe year round to celebrate her grandparents.

Kim loves seeing families of all ages work together on a project. A Creative Arts Therapist and Dementia Practitioner for older adults in Chicago, Kim enjoys theater, Pinterest-ing new recipes, traveling with friends, and goofing around with her son.
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