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Unsere Lieblingsessen - Our Favorite Foods
Liebe TCGIS-Gemeinschaft,

Haben Sie Hunger? Are you hungry?

On Day 4 of our Woche der TCGIS Einheit/ Week of TCGIS Unity we're sharing with you some of our favorite foods from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with nary a Bratwurst on our list (although many of us love them, too).

Did you know?
  • There are over 3200 officially recognized types of bread in Germany! (source)
  • Frühstück (breakfast) on weekends is legendary and has something for everyone.
  • The main meal of the day is Mittagessen (lunchtime).
  • Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) is a delicious afternoon tradition throughout the German-speaking countries.

This list includes recipes in both English and German; for German recipes a similar version in English is provided.

  1. Deutsches Frühstück** - a delectable feast to break your fast (English version)
  2. Schweizer Butterzopf - pure comfort made from flour and butter (English version)
  3. Frankfurter Grüne Sauce - delicious with Apfelwein or Apfelschorle!
  4. Currywurst mit Pommes - make this tasty Imbiss-snack at home
  5. Apfelstrudel - the one and only!
  6. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte - perfekt with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea
  7. Obatzda - a tasty cheese spread to enjoy with your Bier und Brezeln
  8. Kärntner Kasnudel - pasta filled with potatoes and herbs, an Austrian delight! (English version)
  9. Rotkohl - a delicious way to prepare this ubiquitous side dish
  10. Rote Grütze - an irresistible, not-too-sweet berry dessert (English version)

**This is a great video in German and English that introduces vocabulary for ordering food and mealtimes.

Click here for more favorite recipes and places to buy German speciality foods here in the Twin Cities. Add your own favorites and recommendations to the list!

Maybe some of these Leckereien (delectable treats) will make their way onto your dining table in the next few weeks while we're apart.

Guten Appetit!
Tomorrow is Pyjama Day!
To celebrate the last day of our Week of TCGIS Unity and the day before Fall Break, students and staff are welcome to wear pjyamas Friday, whether learning in school or from home!