4th Day of Christmas
December 28

By: Fr. George Tsahakis
Devotional Readings
Hebrews 8:7-13 (OSB p. 1662)

Family Activity
Spend 15 minutes in silence.
No Phone, No TV, No Work, No Toys

Family Questions
  1. What fears and emotions am I experiencing during these times? How am I taking time to process these feelings?
  2. How can I make more time to be still and connect more with God? How can we become more aware of Christ’s presence in our home?
  3. How are the different members of your family doing? Do you take time to check in with one another and pray with and for each other?
  4. Are their people in our community or family that need support during this time? Is there a safe way we can help out?
Fun Fact!
Silence can regenerate Brain Cells and bettering the Brain's Functions!

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