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Today's topic: Voter suppression today
Yesterday you learned about voter suppression and its impact on American history and people of color. Today, we are going to learn how voter suppression continues to impact our democracy and disenfranchise marginalized groups. With 2020 being a significant election year, it is important that we recognize the barriers to voting that many people still face and work to eliminate those barriers, so that our representatives and laws reflect our increasingly diverse country.
Read this article and see how the fight for universal suffrage began and how modern voter suppression tactics continue to deny the vote to people of color. 
The right of Native Americans to vote in U.S. elections was not recognized until 1948. Read this article on the systemic barriers to voting that Native Americans face today and what steps are being taken to protect the suffrage of Indigenous people.
150 years after the 15th Amendment was passed, barriers to voting remain. Learn about how social media, gerrymandering, access to polling places and other strategies have all been used to limit access to the ballot box.
Level I: Complete the 2020 census.
Level II: Register to vote in the 2020 general election or help someone else to register.
Level III: Volunteer with Rock the Vote and help register new voters.
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