Get Inspired
Capturing Life Through the Lens of a Refugee
Day 40: Capture community. Our communities provide us with support, friendship, and a sense of home. We're inviting your family to think about the ways that we can build inviting and comforting communities for all. Check out this video about Famo Musa, a refugee who found community in photography.

Famo notes that photography allows her to tell her story. Capturing photographs is an important way to document our stories, share our perspectives, and build connections with others. Today, we're exploring how we can make our communities places of acceptance, where everyone's stories are acknowledged and celebrated.
Let's Talk
After watching the video, Capturing Life Through the Lens of a Refugee, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What inspired you about Famo's story? How does Famo use photography to express herself?

  • In the video, Famo mentions the importance of sharing your story. How do you document your life? Do you take photos? Journal? Tell stories?

  • Famo is part of a community that creates spaces wehre people feel safe expressing themselves. Where do you feel most creative? Who do you like to be creative with?

  • Bonus! Famo mentions that part of her love for photography is documenting her kids so they can look back at family photos when they're older. Take some time today to look through old photos together as a family.

Do Something
Photo Journey
Capture images of your neighborhood on your daily walk. When you venture outside to get some fresh air, snap some photographs of your neighborhood. Try to look at the world from a new perspective. Look high, look low. What colors pop? What objects stand out?

Take photos of your family. Use today's video for inspiration to document your homelife in this moment. What is unusual or special about your life now? What will you remember most about this time with your family? Please wear a mask, gloves, and maintain social distance when outside.

Tag us in your photos using #honeycombathome and @honeycombproject.
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Community Connection
Support Refugee Families
Let's stay connected. Social distancing can be very isolating, especially for families who may not have very many connections in the the city. We're partnering with REACH to send cards to refugee families to remind them they are not alone or forgotten.

REACH is an organization on a mission to inspire leadership, academic success, and connections among refugee youth through dynamic learning outside the traditional classroom. Reach prioritizes building a sense of place a connection to self, others, and the environment, through a network of youth, families, and mentors.

Get creative! Show your care and compassion with your artistic skills. Make a picture, write a letter about what you've been up to at home, or send your photos from today's Do Something activity. Be positive and think of what note or image would make you smile!

Please send pictures of your work to We'll share your messages with our friends at REACH who will distribute your messages to the families in their network.
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