Get Inspired
Turning Mud into Art: Dorodango
Day 43: Art is everywhere! Creativity requires that we look at every day objects with a new perspective. Today, we're inviting your family to challenge they way you see every day materials and get creative about transforming them into works of art. Check out this video about the Japanese art form of Dorodango - turning mud into beautiful spheres of art.

Art helps us to broaden our perspectives. When we challenge ourselves to look at art differently, we are also learning how to be more inquisitive, understanding, and empathetic. Reimagining how you look at art can help make the world a better place!
Let's Talk
After watching the video about Dorodango use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the art form of Dorodango?

  • In the video, Kiyoko talks about the moment when the mud balls start to come to life. What does this mean? What did you notice about the mud balls?

  • When you make art, what's your favorite part of the creative process? Gathering materials? The messiness? or the finished product?

  • Bonus! Dorodango is a traditional Japanese art form. What unique art form comes from your cultural background? If you don't know, do some research! You might be surprised by the art you find.

Do Something
Unconventional Materials Challenge
Let's get unconventional! Grab some random objects from around your house for inspiration. Look in your recycling bin for jars, boxes, and plastic containers. Arrange your objects on your table to create a still life model.

Use the geometric shapes to inspire a painting or drawing. Check out this Whitney Museum prompt for more inspiration on your Still Life Remix .

What do you see? This painting by Stuart Davis was based off a coffee pot. Get creative with how you interpret the objects in your home!
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Community Connection
We All Live Here Wednesday
Make public art with We All Live Here! Rich Alapack joins us for another installation of We All Live Here Wednesday! This week, Rich teaches us how to make stained glass sidewalk chalk art. Public art has the power to bring communities together, inspire creativity, and brighten people's day. Create colorful communities with We All Live Here!

Have you seen public art in your neighborhood that's brought a smile to your face. Learn how to use this fun artistic technique to bring public art to your neighborhood and share the joy with this We All Live Here Tutorial. We can't wait to see what fun designs you come up with!

Take a picture of your artwork and tag #honeycombathome and #wealllivehere.

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