Get Inspired
Flipping Through Missed Moments
Day 49: Create connection. Fostering connection with others is an important part of leading a happy and healthy life. Today, we're inviting your family to think about how you connect with others and stay in touch with those you miss. Check out this video about an artist who creates flip books to connect families with their loved ones experiencing incarceration.

People who are experiencing incarceration are unable to connect with their loved ones in the ways many of us take for granted. The flip books created in this video allow families to share their lives and send a snippet of home to those they care about. Maintaining this connection is a vital part of fostering family and community healing.
Let's Talk
After watching the video Flipping Through Missed Moments use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about the work that Flip Booked does to connect families?

  • Why is maintaining relationships with the people you love important, even if you can't see them?

  • How do you stay connected to the people you love?

  • Bonus! Reach out to a family or friend that you haven't spoken to in a while. Let them know how you're doing and catch up.

Do Something
Make Your Own Flip Book
Let's get creative! Make your own flip book and share your snippet with your loved ones. Grab some index cards, a pencil or pen, and a binder clip! Watch this video on how to make your own flip book .

What movement do you want to capture in your flip book? A ball bouncing, a flower growing or... an alien abduction?! Check out the animation tips in the video linked above to learn how to add more detail and realism to your flip book. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Share your flip book with the Hive by taking a video and tagging #honeycombathome and @honeycomb project.
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Community Connection
Chicago Books to Women in Prison
From reading to rehabilitation.    Chicago Books to Women in Prison  is an organization dedicated to providing books to women and nonbinary folks who are incarcerated in Illinois and around the country. The books that CBWP provides, help people who are incarcerated read for fun, advocate for themselves, and work to complete their education - helping them to transform their lives in and out of prison.

Let's tackle that book shelf!  Work together as a family to pick out books in your home to donate. CBWP accepts paperback books that are gently used and in good condition. CBWP works hard to provide books that are requested by the population they serve. Check out their  donation guidelines  list to see if the books you have match their needs!

Make a family game plan.  Take it one shelf at a time. Decide on which books to donate, check the quality, and store them in a box. Everyone has a job to do! Play music, make it a game, or competition. Who can quality check the most books?

Save your books until it's safe to donate. Chicago Books to Women in Prison will accept your books once it is safe to organize drop offs at their warehouse. Stay connected on their  website  or  email  to get in touch when drop offs resume.

Don't forget to support your local bookstore when you make your summer reading list! Check out this  list of Chicago area bookstores  and how they are adapting to sell books to Chicagoans while practicing social distancing.

Chicago Resources
Do you have a family member or loved one experiencing incarceration? The Illinois Prison Project has resources for your family. To learn more, check out their COVID Toolkit for Families and Incarcerated People.
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