Get Inspired
Saya Shamdasani
Day 59: Family finalé. We've all spent more time than usual with our families in the past few months. While we've been hanging out together, we learn a lot about our family and through family we learn about ourselves. Today, we invite you to look back at the past few months and reflect on what you've learned about yourselves while staying home.

Spending time with our families gives us the space to explore who we are. Check out Saya Shamadasani's story about embracing parts of her identity through a trip to her grandmother's home. Saya is a graduate of Moth High School storytelling workshop in NYC.

This video was produced by  The Moth , an organization dedicated to promoting the art and craft of storytelling and honoring and celebrating the diversity and commonality of human experience.
Let's Talk
After watching Saya's video, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What inspired you about Saya's story? What did you find relatable?

  • What did Saya learn by spending time with her grandmother? How did her trip broaden or change her worldview?

  • What makes you feel connected to your roots? How do you learn about your family heritage?

  • Bonus! Make a list of your recent favorite activities and discuss with your family. What have you discovered? What new habits would you like to keep going? Commit now to spending time intentional family time together in the coming months.
Do Something
Family Story Night
Share stories with your family. Host a family story night in your living room. Set a date and theme so everyone can has time to pick their favorite family story to share. What memory makes you laugh? What moment inspired you? Check out these storytelling tips from the Moth to prepare your performance.

Make it a special event. Turn off the TV, get your performance lighting ready, and set up concessions for your live audience. If your family's ready to share their story with a larger audience set up a video call with extended family so they can enjoy the show and celebrate family memories too.
Community Connection
Share Our Spare
Chicago family donations. Families across the city are in need of essential items for childcare. Our partner Share Our Spare is now open for donations! Drop off your new and gently used children's items for ages 0-5 to help Chicago families.

Share Our Spare is currently most in need of:
  • Diapers Size 4, 5, and 6
  • Pull ups
  • Formula
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Wipes
  • Hygiene Products
  • Clothing size 4T and 5T

Their next donation drop off day is Tuesday, June 16th from 9:30am - 4:00pm at 935 W Chestnut St. Keep an eye on Share Our Spare's website for more upcoming donation days.

If your family is in need of supplies, Share Our Spare is relaunching their Donation Pick Up service on June 17th. Their website has more information on when they will be in your neighborhood.

Please wear a mask, gloves, and maintain social distance when shopping and dropping off donations. If you or a family member are not feeling well, please refrain from donating at this time.
Thank You!
We did it! Behind the scenes, our incredible team at Honeycomb jumped into action to provide twelve weeks of enriching Honeycomb at Home virtual volunteer programming. And YOU stepped up to make a difference in communities across Chicago and beyond. Our work has helped fortify more than 100 organizations!

We hope your family has found this program meaningful, eye-opening, and uplifting during these challenging times. You can share your thanks and feedback with the whole team here: Sydney , Breeze , Timmy , Angelika , and Kristina .

The program lives on! We'll plan to post Honeycomb at Home curriculum on our website so you can participate any time, any where. Stay tuned for more info on Honeycomb at Home V2 soon!
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The Honeycomb Project engages, mobilizes and inspires kids and their families to build strong and vibrant communities for all Chicagoans. Since 2011, more than 25,000 volunteers have participated in Honeycomb programs benefitting 40+ local organizations.