Everwild Spirits
Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey
Downtown Sandusky will be welcoming an exciting new business early next year. Everwild Spirits, a craft bourbon distillery, founded by Rick and Gia Lynch will be an extension of who they are and represents “that constant desire to seek interesting adventures, to find joy in everyday life, to dare to take risks, and find meaning and fulfillment in the process.” Everwild Spirits is completely renovating and expanding a existing building downtown to house the distillery, tasting room, courtyard, and event space for their business. It's a new business to Sandusky, but the family has a long history with bourbon.

In the late 1800’s, the great-great-grandfather of Rick, John Lynch ran a family business. This family business was distilling JKL & Sons Bourbon and Lynch’s Golden Wedding Whiskey. They distilled, rectified, and distributed whiskey and bourbon for 40 years in Oswego, New York. It is with this heritage that Rick and Gia along with her brother Jude, want to reclaim their family legacy by launching their own new modern craft bourbon distillery.
Fast Facts
  • Everwild Spirits will be hiring 15 - 18 employees to staff their marketing, sales, accounting, and site staff.
  • Everwild Spirits Bourbon Whiskey will be available for purchase in local area stores and restaurants, as well as online.
  • You can expect an assortment of drinks, not just bourbon whiskey, at Everwild Spirits
Everwild Spirits is combining a traditional environment with modern twists. Inside will be a large tasting room and lounge area for customers to try a variety of their own bourbon drinks as well as other cocktails, craft beers, and wines. This space is designed to allow customers to relax in a nice environment, enjoy a drink, and talk with friends and family. There will be an outdoor seating are next to the lounge with a small stage for live entertainment. During the busiest time of year, customers will have the ability to sit inside or outside and still enjoy a comfortable environment.

Their 'Before & After' menu will feature savory appetizers and desserts that all pair well with bourbon. Everwild Spirits will also offer a few opportunities for customers to have a unique experience. Inside, although separated by large glass walls, customers can view the distilling process as it occurs. Everwild Spirits will perform their distillation process right on site for customers to see and experience. Everwild Spirits will also offer various classes for customers to sign up to learn how to make different delicious cocktails at home. These mixology classes which will be held in their onsite meeting space and will teach customers diverse ways to prepare a range of cocktails. This room will also be available for private parties as well as business meetings. Lastly, Everwild Spirits will offer a membership program that gives customers access to several cool exclusive opportunities. This includes access to purchase limited edition Everwild Bottle releases, a spirit locker on site to house various purchased items, and a one time a year shuttle service for you and a group of friends. This membership will also include reservation priority with the business, and various types of branded gear as they are released. This will be a unique experience for customers and be a part of Everwild Spirits effort to set themselves apart.

Not only are they hoping to offer their customers a unique experience but they hope to do the same for their staff. Rick went on to say that they are looking to “invest in staff” in hopes that they will look at the place as their own business. Everwild Spirits plans to offer employees stock option incentives and to motivate them to be invested in the success of the company. Rick, Gia, and Jude are aware of the challenges around hiring and have set out to offer incredible opportunities for their future staff.

Everwild Spirits is focused on becoming a household name in Ohio. Setting up a brand flagship location in Sandusky, as well as partnering with a company out west to offer an online sales option for their bourbon. This combination, along with the culture they plan to create will give Everwild Spirits the resources and the people necessary to succeed. They see themselves as perfectly located in a city that is embracing investment and committed to creating a diverse and welcoming downtown area.
Did You Know?
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