H2 Property Management - Part 1 
One great couple, two loved communities, and lots and lots of development.  
The Vision  
It has been a big year for Meghan & Richard Hogrefe as they went from owning their California residences to owning (and redeveloping) almost 50,000 sqft commercial space in Erie County. Other than a former business office and a childhood spent playing Monopoly, this is Meghan & Rick’s first venture into being “developers”. After a successful career as the co-founder and CEO of TriLink BioTechnologies, Rick decided to use the money he got from selling one dream to begin another-- the restoration of his home towns, Sandusky and Bay View. 
It wasn’t a passion for real estate, architecture, or history that motivated their new ventures (although the couple appreciates these things). It was a simple logic puzzle really. Meghan & Rick say their goal is economic development, and as they traveled the Sandusky area the stepping stones seemed clear – How your home looks and feels creates security, happiness, well-being. People move to, stay in, and build up in these healthy spaces. And finally, businesses move, stay, and grow in communities with high quality of life.   
With these inextricable relationships in mind, Meghan and Rick set out to build economic development by creating a “more enjoyable place to live”, a “place that people talk about”. The goal is to “make people notice Sandusky” and all that it offers. 
Meghan & Rick started with purchasing a home near his parents in order to conveniently visit, but ideas just kept presenting themselves as they visited Erie County, its lively small businesses and beautiful historic buildings. Today we’ll give a summary of their work in the Village of Bay View, just west of the City of Sandusky, and check back tomorrow to hear about their ventures in downtown Sandusky. 

Bay View Business  
In Bay View, H2’s working with local business managers to create a few quality spots to spend time with Mom & Dad, and for other families of the community to do the same.  They’ve invested over $500,000 in Bay View and residents will have noticed: 
  1. Updates to the “belle” of the village – Bay Bell Restaurant. This spot is a local icon, known for the best breakfast on the bay. Cosmetic updates, additional evening hours, and a new Snack Shack, fast-casual outdoor eating option will ensure newcomers and regulars continue to enjoy the spot for years to come. Additionally, the Bay Bell will now offer a full service catering menu/events menu. 
  2. New offerings at the Bay View Center including a bait shop, fishing, golf cart rentals, and now Bubbles by the Bay – the village’s first laundromat. Coming back less than refreshed after a day on the lake? Visitors can wash up while enjoying delivery from Bay Bell Restaurant. Warning… You might never leave Bay View.   
  3. Refreshed look at the Lodge – Newly renovated, the Lodge at Bay View will sleep up to 21 people and has enough games and views to delight each one of them. (Visit H2 Property FB for more information.)   
  4. Newly leased Cedar Motel to Nikki Lloyd and Ryan Whaley – Under Nikki and Ryan’s operation, The Cedar Motel is now part of the growing Hotel Kilbourne chain of lodging. An estimated eleven million trips are made to the Lake Erie Shores and Islands region every year, and the Cedar Motel works to offer a great experience outside the ordinary in local lodging. 

You’ll see from this mix, Meghan & Rick, credit a lot of their past and present business success to the ability to be fluid and recognize new opportunities.  Be sure to schedule some time this season to check out Bay View opportunities yourself – a comfortable atmosphere with a few new family gems.
Thank you to the Sandusky Register for providing the photos for this message.
Did You Know?

In our field, Meghan & Rick’s vision would be described as “place-making”. Wikipedia explains that placemaking is an approach to planning and management of public spaces that “capitalizes on a local community’s assets and inspiration… with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being.” Local government leaders are often champions of this idea and that is true across Erie County.  Next time you read about improvements to your local park, investments in public art, or a new bike path – recognize this as place-making – an effort that will enhance your urban experience.  
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