6th Day of Christmas
December 30

St. Joseph
By: Fr. Alex Kamilaris
Devotional Readings
Luke 2:41-52 (OSB p. 1367)

Family Activity
Discuss how your family can share your Time, Talents and Treasure to protect the life of our Church.

Family Questions
  1. What can you do with your God given talents to help your parish, to become a protector of the Church like Joseph?
  2. In the Church, we often say that we are trying to become more Christ like. How can we get involved in our parish to spend more time with Christ, so that we can become more like him?
  3. Joseph was able to provide for the material needs of the Theotokos and Christ. How can we provide for the material needs of our local Church?
Fun Fact!
Joseph has no recorded words in the whole bible!