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Urban Agriculture in Detroit
Day 6: Let's Grow Greatness! Urban farming has the power to transform communities in more ways than one. Today, we want you to think about where your food comes from. Watch Devita Davison's Ted Talk and learn about how urban farming initiatives transformed Detroit communities.

Fresh food has the power to improve neighborhood health, provide jobs, and build community. The food we eat plays an important role in supporting our community, but fresh food is not always distributed equally. Many of our Chicago neighborhoods don't have fresh food or super markets for miles, these communities are called food deserts. Urban farming is one way that communities are reclaiming our food system and providing fresh and healthy food to their neighborhoods and beyond.
Let's Talk
After watching Devita Davison's Ted Talk, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • Why is it important to have access to fresh and healthy foods?

  • What surprised you about the farms in Detroit? Did you learn anything about how farming can build community?

  • What's your favorite fruit or vegetable? Is it something that you can grow at home?

  • Bonus! Check out these 360 Tours of farms in Canada. How do they differ from urban farms? How are they similar?

Do Something
You can pickle that!
Gather all your veggies! Today we're learning how to quickly pickle our favorite produce so it can stay fresh and full of nutrients for long periods of time. Pick out a couple of items from your fridge and check out this video to get pickling!

Pickling food helps to reduce food waste by increasing the shelf life of produce. And it's good for you too! Pickled and fermented food have lots of good bacteria called probiotics that help improve digestion and stomach health.
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Community Connections
Growing Home Inc.
Have you and your family ever signed up for a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a great way to support local farms while receiving fresh produce at your door on a regular basis!

Fresh food fuels communities. Support our partner, Growing Home Inc. , by signing up for their CSA program. CSA boxes are delivered to your door on a biweekly or monthly basis. You'll receive fresh food for your family while supporting Chicago farmers. Reach out to to learn more about their CSA and how to sign up.

Growing Home Inc. is an innovative organization inspiring healthy living, economic opportunity, and community empowerment in Englewood. They provide affordable fresh produce to their neighborhood, host a robust job training program, and deliver their food across the city. Sign up for a CSA today to support this great organization!

Chef Du Jour
Project Leader, Lauren loves this Pesto Zuppa Toscana because it is bright, balanced and cozy. She says it's the perfect mix to fill you up and warm you up without slowing you down. A bonus is that it freezes well! You can store some in the freezer for an easy meal on a rainy day.

Lauren is a visual storyteller that specializes in photography and design and focuses on the dependent relationships of people, places, and spaces. She is committed to strengthening communities and doing all that she can to help them flourish. Coffee and creativity fuel her and she finds solace in traveling, painting, and being outdoors.
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