Day 6, April 26: Talking to your kids about race and racism
For parents of color, talking about race with their children is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. For all parents, talking about race with their young children can help them better understand the world around them as they grow up.

The following materials can help make talking about race with children easier:

  • Article: In this helpful piece for parents, experts explain why it's important to teach children about racism and white privilege -- and they give tips on how to to that based on the child's age.

  • Video: This five-minute video highlights how one family addresses these topics in their home. And, in this TedX DePaul University video, local diversity and inclusion trainer Biz Lindsay-Ryan shares why talking with your kids about race is essential.

  • Spotlight: The Center for Racial Justice in Education compiled this extensive list of resources for talking about race and racism with young people.

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