“Even now I wonder if it was my poor sense of self that first generated my poor sense of my people. Or was it my poor sense of my people that inflamed a poor sense of myself? Like the famous question about the chicken and the egg, the answer is less important than the cycle it describes. Racist ideas make people of color think less of themselves, which makes them more vulnerable to racist ideas. Racist ideas make White people think more of themselves, which further attracts them to racist ideas.”
Ibram X. Kendi

Following last week’s programming, you may be feeling a bit down on yourself, questioning your unconscious biases. We want to tell you that it’s okay. While you may have certain implicit biases that you were not aware of previously, you can address them. In fact, you now have a responsibility to address them. As has often been said, when you know better you do better.
Today, our challenge for you is to reflect on what you have learned last week.
Think back on all the articles, videos, and podcasts you have engaged with so far. Focus on the insightful thoughts you had when engaging with these articles. Recall the feelings this new insight provoked and answer the following questions:
  • How do you see internalized racism impacting you personally or the communities or groups that you work with?
  • What challenges are you facing in dealing with or addressing internalized racism in your current work?
  • What are the opportunities for addressing it in your current work situation?
  • In what ways does internalized racism interfere with the functioning of teams?
  • How does your institution keep people of color divided and competing with one another for access and resources?
  • Think of a situation in which you (depending on your position) exercised or colluded with white privilege. What would need to change at the inner, interpersonal, or institutional level in order for this to have had a different outcome?

For any questions about the challenge please reach out to Denise Nava of the Albuquerque Community Foundation or Hannah Royer of United Way of Central New Mexico.
If after reading this newsletter you felt that there are other co-workers, friends or family members you feel may benefit from the challenge, feel free to send them the link to sign up for the challenge found below!