Growth in an emerging market supports job creation and company expansion
This holiday season an estimated three billion packages will make their way through the U.S. shipping infrastructure. Headline after headline asks can strained retailers, distributors, and delivery get it done? The answer remains to be seen, but conveyors manufactured by Sandusky’s LEWCO Inc. are here to help.    

E-commerce became a lifeline for many people during the pandemic, shipping everything from groceries to toothbrushes to puzzles. But it's not just the holidays and it's not just this year that e-commerce has been on the rise. Industry experts estimate e-commerce sales will jump 20-30% this year and reach 20% of all US retail spending by 2024. Consumers expect to be able to ship to home, and increasingly “ship to store” with a 1-2 day turnaround. Expectations like these have meant retailers across the US scrambling to develop robust, efficient warehousing and distribution systems. 
Fast Facts
  • 103-year-old company grows into its 4th facility with 50 jobs openings
  • LEWCO's growth is driven their customers' ‘last mile’ initiatives - a term used to describe the movement of packages from a warehouse to a consumer’s doorstep
  • In 2020, LEWCO built nearly 200 miles of conveyor supporting a single large customer's last mile initiatives
  • Engineers at LEWCO have 4 active design and utility patents that set them apart from the competition
Insert LEWCO RED. RED stands for Retail, Ecommerce, Distribution industries and it’s a rapidly growing business line of this 100-year-old company. Products designed and manufactured by LEWCO are used to convey cartons, totes, or parcel packages. They reduce material handling, improve product flow, better ergonomics, and eliminate shipping damages. In short, LEWCO conveyors save companies time and money with happier staff and customers. 

A team of 35 engineers at LEWCO work with each of their customers to design efficient, individualized systems to move products in their facilities. Solutions incorporate a slew of technologies and proprietary techniques. They can be automated, use gravity, sort by size, deliver to a dock and more. LEWCO RED has seen year over year record growth from a host of satisfied customers in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, retail, and automotive.   
It is yet the latest chapter in this home-grown success story. The company roots back to 1917 when C.F. Meyer opened the first welding shop in Sandusky which would grow into Lake Erie Welding and eventually LEWCO Inc. as the business became more diversified. Welding and fabrication are still two capabilities behind the company’s success in RED business and their other primary product line, industrial ovens.  

In 2021, LEWCO Inc. will remain headquartered in its hometown of Sandusky, but grow into its 4th manufacturing and assembly location in north central Ohio using over 400,000 SQFT to start and growing to more. The company currently employs 170 industry professionals, including engineers, supply chain analysts, and skilled trades personnel, and they expect to double their team over the next 3 years. We can't wait to see what the next 100 years has in store for this home-grown manufacturing expert.
Did You Know?
For rapidly growing companies that serve a diverse industry base with positions across all skill levels, recruiting and retaining staff is no small task. ECEDC hosts Firelands Forward, a regional workforce development initiative, which supports companies like LEWCO in getting the right talent in the door and keeping them there. Contact us to participate in Firelands Forward.
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